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IC and OOC Permissions


Backtagging: YES! I will backtag forever with you. If you think I've dropped a thread that you really wanted to continue, ALWAYS feel free to ping me! I may have just lost track of it.

Threadhopping: Just ask first. The worst I can say is no!

Fourthwalling: Heather's a child of the nineties, which means she grew up with a lot of the same cartoons, books and toys that we did-- so she tends to fourth-wall. In return, feel free to fourth-wall her! Just don't expect her to believe you if you tell her she's from a video game, she'll probably just blow you off.

Offensive subjects: Given that Heather's 17+, I'm not going to be offended if your character hits on her or something. Just don't expect them to necessarily get anywhere. :)
On an ooc note, as a general rule, I'm very easy to get along with! That said, there are certain kinks* (such as the romanticization of pedophilia and/or parents entering sexual relationships with their children) that really bother me for very personal reasons. If you're into those kinks in fiction, it's none of my business. But please, please do not bring them up to or try to press them on me, it makes me very uncomfortable.

*it should be noted that I am ONLY talking about the kinks, here-- as a real-world, serious issue that affects many children and young adults, I am completely fine with discussing (and researching, writing about, or even RPing!) the subject! It's only the fetishization or support/encouragement/justification of these things that I find upsetting.

.... NOW, on the OTHER end of the scale...! Silent Hill is a very dark canon that frequently deals with things that can be very triggery and upsetting. Because Route is a lighthearted game, I try not to dwell on the dark stuff TOO much, but Heather is a character has a lot of trauma in her past and inevitably mentions of it do occasionally pop up in her posts and tags.
If any of my tags contains anything that you really don't wanna see or upsets you, firstly I heartily apologize and secondly, please let me know so that I know which things to avoid mentioning when tagging with you! RP is a fun escape from reality and the last thing I'd want to do is make anyone playing with me uncomfortable!


Hugging this character: Go ahead, but if she doesn't know you, she'll probably punch you.

Kissing this character: Go ahead, but if she doesn't know you, she'll DEFINITELY punch you.

Flirting with this character: Go for it! She'll either roll her eyes, be skeeved out, or, if she's really in a good mood, might even flirt back a bit.

Fighting with this character: Go for it! Heather's a big girl, she can handle it!

Injuring this character: Please, nothing permanent without asking me first. I'm not at all afraid to let Heather get roughed up badly-- but if some kind of assault is sprung on her with no ooc warning, that could put a crimp in my enjoyment. :( Just ask first, and we'll be peachy! Chances are if you pose an attack, I'll do the damage to Heather myself anyway. I'm not renowned for being nice to my characters and she has a tendency to get herself in trouble.

Torturing/Raping this character: Neither of these are subjects I'm interested in dealing with if there's any kind of fetishizing involved. If it's your kink, I really don't wanna participate. It's nothing personal, I'm just not into that kind of RP!
In terms of storytelling and realistic character interactions, though, if the plot calls for it and the characters are in a position where either could potentially happen, it's not going to scare me off if it does, AS LONG AS we talk about it oocly first (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)! I like dark, I like gritty. Is coo'.
With that said, be warned: if your character is the type who would try to commit rape, go for it-- but don't expect it to necessarily succeed. Heather is a Silent Hill protagonist. She's already been through some really twisted stuff along those lines, and now she kills things. :Ib

Killing this character: Ask first so we can plot it out accordingly.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Non-issue in Route on account of powers being gone, but in the event of a different game, just ask me and we'll work out what your character can or can't see.

Warnings:Heather might be a little violent compared to what some of the other characters are used to, AND a little bit of a jerk. If she mouths off to/about your character, don't worry! I don't hate you! OR your character!
Also, see the trigger warning above-- again, Silent Hill is a very disturbing canon and occasionally bits and pieces of Heather's background do come up in tags.

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