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120. [FOURTH WALL, ACTION FOR ERRYBODY] Backdated to morning on the 29th onwards

[What a lovely morning!]

[It's the crack of dawn, the Pidgeys are twittering, sprinklers next door are turning on and occasionally shooting water over the fence and into the pool, making the two Sharpedo living back there swim around in mingled excitement and panic. What a time to be alive.]

[Wait a minute.]

[God dammit.]

[ooc: This is a bit of a catch-all, feel free to assume your character is running into Heather ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. They don't have to respond specifically to the Sewer Fairy, although she will be following Heather around and popping up in inopportune places.]
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... You just cannot escape the weird scrap. Can you?

[Hi Heather, it's your robot dad. On your gear. How's it going?]
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[He grimaces at the fairy. That's... even worse than the more sparkly of the pokemon. Seriously.]

I was hoping your 'curse' had passed somewhat. I was incorrect.


Are you all right?
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Are you?

Just means we cannot punch them.

[Meaning: no back-to-back monster squashing with dad and child.]
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That, I try to do frequently.

... Hm. Everything all right?
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Sort of.

Eh... [Cue a slow look around.] Here. See?

[Ironhide, turning the camera around to show off your surroundings just makes people sick.]
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Magic... school buses...

[But okay. He'll be there.]
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[You know who's havin a good day? HENRY FUCKIN' TOWNSHEND. You know why? Because he is not a Leafeon. He isn't being plagued by scary rune-circled holes. He hasn't been assaulted by giant two-headed babies with man hands. He is well aware of the chaos plaguing the city, but you know whose problem that is?]


[So when he walks in the door after his short trip from the store to get more sandwich bread because he recently got high and ate it all, he pauses. And he stares. Why was there a sparkling lady floating over Heather?]

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...What he hell?

[HE DONE DID IT, HEATHER. HE ASKED. But when Glowing Pipe Chick started coming his way, he brandished the bread like a weapon and let out a startled throaty sound.]
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[He watches her go, gingerly lifting a hand to the side of his head.]

Then we're both hallucinating...and that means you've been in my stash.
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That explains the flying schoolbus.
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[He shies back, momentarily injured by her tone.]

Hey, I didn't wake up as Cheerios, how was I supposed to just assume?
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[Henry clenched his teeth and looked around at the walls in sudden terror.]

Don't say that out loud.