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121. [Video/Action for camping crew] Backdated to the 27th


This camping trip sure couldn't have gone any worse.

[The camera is just... literally slowly panning around to show the thick blanket of snow ALL AROUND what had once been a quite sunny little meadow overlooking the base of the Mortar mountain range.]

We have literally been snowed in for like.

A week.

Look at this shit. Look at it. Did we ask for this? No.

[Heaving a sigh, Heather kicks some of it.]

At least it's probably gonna melt quickly. Um, anyway, this is just an update for... whoever cares, I guess? [Mostly letting the people back home know that none of them had DIED.] We're here, we're alive, we're probably gonna fuckin' BOOK IT from town to town from this point on so that we never have to camp again, and-- oh yeah.

My egg from Christmas finally hatched.

Scarlet loves him.

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[scott pilgrim bgm starts playing]

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Guess what, Heather.

You're favorite person is here.

Scar's been searching in the snow for three days, now, and he somehow looks just as shitty as when he showed up at Shark House on the 20th. His hair's frozen, he hasn't slept much, and the Charizard Envy lent him is. Difficult. Every inch of him is sore from all the flying.

When he does come across a camp that seems like it could be Heather, Henry, and Lust's, the uncertainty sets in. He's been searching for them for days, but now that he's here, he feels as if there's a lead weight in his chest. Maybe he shouldn't have come. Maybe this had been a mistake...

As he's been doing the entire way here, Scar reviews the conversations he's had over the past month. It's not up to him to decide what may be good or bad for Lust. He can't make things worse than they already are. He's not asking for anything, he's just going to clear things up and leave her alone. Maybe make her feel better about it all.

He feels sick.

And it's not Lust that he comes across at the campsite. It's Heather. Heather, whom he is nearly certain doesn't like him at this point. Even Henry hates him. But he can't exactly sneak across an open field in search of Lust, so it's only a matter of moments before Heather looks up from her 'gear and the two Litleos with her to see him shuffling rather pathetically through the snow in search of one (1) depressed homunculus.
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Scar's reaction, or non-reaction to Heather's outburst, is little more than a heaving of his shoulders as he deflates with a small sigh. He closes his eyes for a moment, collecting his patience and bracing himself for another session of misinformed berating.

And proceeds to silently watch. Whatever you've got for him, Heather, just get it over with so he can get on with his day.
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Scar's brow furrows ever so slightly when Heather tries to give him a shove. Really? Did she expect that to do anything?

He opened his mouth to speak, but struggled with finding the right words for a moment. He glanced to the tent and around the site, still searching nervously for Lust. He really couldn't care less about Heather's physical threat.

"This is not your concern." He fixes her with a stern frown.

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[, has Scar still not gotten there yet? But Envy's not going to ASK.]

He looks like he's enjoying the weather even less than the rest of us.
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[The sneakiest. Who is thinking that the reason Scar hasn't shown up had BETTER be because of having to get through the surprise second wave of blizzard and not because he got cold feet.]

He stayed in that nice cozy egg for a WHILE, I bet he's wishing he stayed in a little longer.

But he's a fire type, right? Maybe he'll get used to it the longer he's out?


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Why's he such a different color? Do...Pokemon have albinism?
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Re: Video [Did I mention I fucking love your art because I don't think I have]

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Oh, so it's like a rare species a King Cheetah, or a Tusked Female Narwhal. That's kind of interesting, actually.
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That's new. I think it needs a blanket.

[Lust's voice is flat as she remarks on the pathetic looking Litleo upon exiting her tent. She's pulled on one of the large sweaters Envy sent and has a small bag slung over her shoulder, and her paper journal and a pen tucked inside.]

I'm going down to the stream.

[It isn't far. Certainly close enough that she doesn't need an escort.]
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I'm taking Guttle. And a book.

[Well, her journal, but it's a sort of book. And her attention will be on recording her thoughts.]

I do enjoy my solitude, now and then.

[It hasn't escaped her notice that she's never left entirely on her own.]

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A Few Hours After The Above Thread....

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[Lust's anger at first had been a bright and fearsome thing. When Scar first explained to her - with little detail - what had happened on his arrival at camp, she had been livid.]

[But their parting had calmed her a great deal. And the cold walk back to camp, made colder still by the fresh memory of his warmth, dulls it further. She's upset and unhappy with Heather's actions, but she's lost the desire to provoke and rage at the woman. What good would that do? There's been enough fighting and damaged feelings already. Besides, she needs to return quickly to tend to Amit.]

[She says nothing when she returns, Guttle left behind with Miriam and Scar, but goes to her tent and begins rolling up her sleeping bag and taking the whole affair down.]
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[Lust's lips are a thin line when she turns to Heather. She takes a deep breath, shoving down the brief re-surging flare of anger. She doesn't want to fight. She's so sick and tired of fighting.]

I can't talk to you right now, Heather. I'm taking my things and moving them down to the creek, for everyone's comfort. And I need to be quick about it, there's a wounded Pokemon that needs tending.

[There's more than a small touch of accusation in her tone at that. She can't help it. Heather's supposed to be her friend.]

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The snow is rather terrible, isn't it?
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Re: Video

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It seems the weather here is often anything but what it ought to be, really.

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