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123. [Video/Action for Route 44]

[The camera comes on.]

[There is a very fluffy-looking Heather Mason, along with a small army of Fire-types (Cujo the Growlithe, along with Carousel the Rapidash and two enormous Houndooms) + one Pikachu.]

[She is wearing a pair of sunglasses.]

[So is one of the Houndooms.]

[She looks dead into the camera and speaks.]

I'm gonna melt Ice Path.

[And the feed ends.]


[... Or not.]

[The camera is on again, showing a very concerned electric rodent. Hazel the Pikachu gnaws on her lip slightly as she focuses the video, then turns it to show the so-called Ice Path melter a short distance down the snowy mountain path.]

[Apparently instincts are a thing.]
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[Usually he's wearing this face when Ed is doing something stupid. Congratulations, Heather, you got +1 family point!]

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You know it's just gonna freeze over again before you're even a quarter of the way through, right?
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And then you'll be wet and cold and get sick from it.

[Of course, that little grin on his face says plenty about how much he thinks Heather is joking about the whole deal.]
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[Al laughs and shakes his head.]

I don't think that's how it works, but if you say so. Has it really been that hard going getting through?
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Well, you keep me updated on how that goes, okay?
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[video 1/2]

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Ha! Yeah, burn that thing out and save everyone from that shitty cave for generations to come. Heather Mason, you're the hero we all deserve.
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[Oh my god. This is somehow even better than witnessing Lust chase bugs in the yard.]

[His voice is strained to its limits from holding in laughter.]

That...that doesn't look anything like melting the ice path. What are you even going after?
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I'm not laughing!

[Or at least he wasn't, because when she goes after the mystery noise AGAIN, he completely loses it. He's just HOWLING.]

Get--haha--GET it!

[And that's all the words he can even get out.]
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[By the time she flops over, Envy's mostly got himself back under control. But the amusement is still very clear in his voice.]

Doing all right, there?
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*he didn't have much to say to the first post, but the second.... well, suffice it to say that he can sympathize, as the white fur and hint of canine features might suggest*

I take it you've been affected particularly strongly?
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Re: Video

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Ah, I see... Perhaps your team would be willing to help?
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Re: Video

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Ah, of course... Good luck, I suppose?
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Re: Video

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*he wants to laugh, but... well, considering his best friend has been having fun trying to get him to play 'fetch' lately, he's really in no position to judge*


Did you get it?