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Heather Mason ([personal profile] foolishwren) wrote2011-12-23 02:55 pm

The Wren,

with pure heart as yet unrefined,
Makes us laugh with his feeble lip-smacking,
But still we all know he shall never grow old
And knows not how much he is lacking.

Route 29 Application, Abax Application, Montauk Application, Alternamorphs Application, and Ryslig Application.
Thread Tracker (the threadlog to end all threadlogs)
Permissions (important!)
Character Relationship Chart (For Route, NOT up-to-date)
Team and Inventory for Route and All-Purpose Info Page for Ryslig (What's she packing?)
IC Contact for Route and IC Contact for Ryslig (please leave a message at the tone.)
How's My Driving? (TELL ME I SUCK. ... nicely)
Storybits (sometimes I write things. for you.)
Visualosities (I raided artsy hipster photography blogs so that you could look at nice Heathery pictures)