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Route 29 Application

Name: Kit
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Current Characters in Route: NONE. I AM BARREN.

Name: Heather Mason ([ profile] heatherusedrage)
Series: Silent Hill
Timeline: About 1 year after Silent Hill 3
Canon Resource Links: (main Wiki article for Heather) (scans from the Book of Lost Memories-- more or less the 'bible' of the SH continuity. Good reference info in general.) (more or less everything Heather says about anything in the game, ever. Gives a pretty good idea of her personality)

Affiliation: Trainer is the most likely path Heather will go for. She's young and spunky and pretty good at beating other things into submission. In other words, all the core traits of a standard trainer!

Personality: On the surface, Heather's a pretty standard example of your average modern attitude-laden teenager. Likes violent video-games and hanging out at the mall. You know, normal kid stuff. She's sharp-tongued, fiercely independent, and has a chip on her shoulder the size of a brick, not to mention a short temper. Despite her fiery nature, she's not unfriendly. For the most part, she's outgoing, social, and a little bit of a goofball. To someone meeting her for the first time, it'd probably be fairly easy to write her off as another airheaded teen, albeit one of the tomboy variety.
Unsurprisingly for a survival-horror protagonist, this isn't the case. Underneath the peppy exterior, Heather's been through a lot and has the emotional scars and streetsmarts to prove it. She's been up and down the 'stupid rebel kid' route and has some issues with authority, coupled with a very justified wariness of strangers that she covers up with her playful nature. She'll happily pal around with folks but don't expect her to go spilling her guts to or having her vulnerable moments around anybody without good (or at least pressing) reason to-- that said, she's pretty open about how she's feeling for the most part. Even if she's feeling angry. ... Especially if she's feeling angry.
Which brings us to... that little issue. Heather's a good kid even if she doesn't always act like one. She inherited a strong set of morals (and appreciation for literature!) from her father and she's got a good head on her shoulders. But she's also in possession of the slightly unfortunate combination of A. angry teenager syndrome and B. a sort of innate thirst for vengeance when wronged. She is not crazy (at least not as much as one might expect from a Silent Hill survivor), but she's survived a great many dark, hideous things and that changes a person. She's not opposed in the slightest to getting violent to protect herself or others. In fact, she even prefers violence. This is someone who got sent to the office a lot as an elementary schooler.
Despite her smarts, her hotheaded nature does get the better of her somewhat frequently and it's not uncommon for her to rush into things a little too quickly. On the bright side, this tendency has led her to become pretty good at finding creative solutions for the jams she gets herself into.
Heather doesn't actually have many friends, even though she's quite social and never had a hard time being in the 'popular' crowd at school. Because of... certain circumstances regarding the surroundings of her birth, she and what (very) little family she had were forced to keep to themselves somewhat and as a result, despite her social nature, she was never able to make any real long-lasting friendships. What few she does have, she often treats in a manner that some would probably find off-putting in that it almost seems as aggressive as it does friendly, though you can't doubt it's heartfelt. Heather's all about tough love. If you manage to get her to consider you a friend, expect spontaneous wrestling matches. And noogies. Lots of them.

Over the course of her game, Heather is forced to grow up. That's not to say that she's not still a kid in many ways, but she loses more or less everything that was ever important to her, and thus must become more self-reliant than ever. The pain of loss transforms you in many ways, some subtle, some not so much. She emerged from her ordeal strongly and with the knowledge that one way or another, she'd be able to recover from it, but also that the path would be long and hard, as what she just went through would be enough to break down most people beyond recognition.
More than anything else, what she gained was a newfound appreciation for everything she'd had, and a crippling sense of loss because the most important person in her whole world was gone. Forever. Even though she just saved the world and basically everybody in it. Happy birthday, kiddo!

-Brave. Heather's experienced things that would make most people crumble at the core-- yet despite her own fear, she was able to face them and overcome them one way or another. No matter how much terror she might feel, Heather Mason is a courageous soul who doesn't let fear stop her from doing what has to be done. There's always time to break down and have yourself a nice cry later on when it won't be interfering with your ability to, you know, stay alive.
-Athletic. Part of it just comes from her nature-- she grew up climbing/falling out of trees and generally running around like a wild child and that didn't stop later on. She can run like the wind and actually packs a pretty decent punch for a scrawny tomboy. On the same note, she knows how to fight. Nothing too professional, but she can hold her own in a scrap.
-Parkour. There's a name for this? Oh well, figures! Both from the time unfortunately spent being a bit of a hoodlum as a younger teen (nothing serious, but bratty enough that she's not really proud of it) as well as running for her friggin' life through the haunted streets of Silent Hill, Heather got pretty damn good at getting out of various scrapes and dead ends in unconventional ways. Because hey-- when there's a freakin' monster after you with clubs for hands and a bendystraw for a head and it's taller than, like, Michael Jordan, you learn how to shimmy up a rain-pipe or haul ass over chainlink fences pretty quickly.
-Good with Weapons. This one doesn't really matter since they're not allowed, although she may need to have several sharpened sticks confiscated from her before she gets the message.
-Good with the smart... thing. Heather's pretty bright. She's no prodigy but she's got a lot of common sense, which, seeing as common sense isn't really that common these days, is a pretty big boon. Not that school smarts are really, you know, required in the Poke-verse (considering they send all their kids out the door at age TEN...) but hey, a little chemistry know-how never hurt anybody.
-Practical. Heather likes glam and frippery about as much as any other teenage girl would, but in a pinch, her practical side shines through and she more or less drops the more casual aspects of her life like a hot potato. Stuck in a gift shop with scary monsters after you? Who gives a crap if those earrings she wanted are there, free for the taking-- where are the power tools?!
-Loyal. Heather might be a bit of a loner, but those who manage to get on her soft side will be defended to the end. And if they happen to get murdered by a crazy cultist, they can be sure she'll go to the end of the earth to avenge them! Hopefully that won't happen. On the same note, Heather's not afraid to show affection in the slightest. She learned the hard way that your life can go to hell in an instant and leave you with NOTHING-- so you can expect her to cherish the hell out of any friend she might happen to make, even if she does happen to be from the 'tough love' school of thought. She has a big soft spot for other people who have had hard lives, even if she doesn't always show it. At her core, Heather is motivated by the desire to be a good friend and to keep the people she cares about safe. She hasn't always succeeded at that in the past, which makes her all the more determined to never repeat those mistakes again.
-Survivor. To put it bluntly, Heather's been through some bad shit. The fact that she made it through not only in one piece, but also without suffering a massive mental breakdown, says more than enough about her ability to persevere through hardship. Nothing short of death could break Heather's determination.

-Phobias. Lots of them! For someone so outwardly confident, Heather's got a lot of secret little fears. They include mirrors, dogs, fire, babies (don't ask... just.... don't ask), wheelchairs, and quite a few other things. That said, Heather is pretty good at keeping cool even when she's scared, but it should go without saying that irrational fear of anything can be pretty debilitating to someone's calm.
-Puny. She might be tough, but she's also... well, she's a scrawny teenage girl. A strong gust of wind could probably knock her over if it hit her right. Her scrappin' skillz mostly rely on her speed and quick thinking, nnnnoooot so much muscle.
-Hotheaded. Heather isn't stupid but she is young. And let's face it-- young people aren't exactly known for their reasoning skills. She gets emotional under stress and that can vary from plain old crabbiness to impulsive violence. That's not to say that she's a trigger-happy maniac or anything, but her hastiness can get her into some serious trouble when it goes unchecked.
-Authority issues. Smartmouthing people mainly works when you can get away with it. That MAY NOT BE THE CASE HERE. Also, although she does make a conscious effort to behave herself, Heather went through a 'rebellious' phase like a lot of kids do-- and in a pinch, would absolutely not be opposed to shoplifting if it was something she or someone close to her really needed. It's not that she'd necessarily break the law on purpose, but she definitely sees rules as things to be bent, not followed rigidly. As she put it at one point in the game, "I'm not a thief, even though I might act like one sometimes." Admirable, maybe, but it could also get her in trouble.
-Can be a little mean. ... Maybe even a lot. Heather snaps at people easily when she's frustrated whether they deserve it or not. Also, while the jokester side of her is harmless, sometimes the jokes she makes or plays can be a little over the top. Her experiences have desensitized her to other peoples' comfort levels just a bit. Pretending like you're going to knife people isn't cool, Heather. No, not even if it's a friendly joke. Or if it's someone you really like. Especially if it's someone you really like.
-A DARK AND MYSTERIOUS PAST WOOOOoooOOOO!. Cheesy, maybe, but no, really, Heather's got some pretty dark stuff going on in her past. She's mostly come to terms with it, but it still weighs on her pretty heavily, as dark pasts are wont to do.

Starter: Growlithe. No nickname right off the bat-- the poor pup will probably go through a series of very unflattering ones before anything permanent is given.

(Please note that both samples must take place in Route_29’s setting.)

First Person Sample:

You know, I really wish I could say this was the weirdest day I've ever had. Truth is? It's pretty close, but no cigar.

Still, I'd be lying if I tried to claim I was happy to suddenly wake up in the middle of a freakin' mosh pit. I guess it was sort of comforting to know that everyone else was just as confused as I was, but still, jeez. I think I got elbowed in the face, like, twice, and stepped on more times than I could count before everybody was able to get outside.

And, well, here I am. Sitting here and watching everyone mill around. Some nerdy guy with glasses and a lab coat was running around and explaining things awhile ago-- guess he's a local. But to be honest it didn't seem like any of those guys had much of a better idea of what was going on than we did.
... Ffft, 'we'. What am I saying? I don't know any of these people. They don't look like bad guys or anything, but...

Ieh. Guess I might as well make the most of this situation. At least it's sunny. No fog. And it's not like I'm missing anything back home.

So, 'Pokeballs', huh? Heard the nerdy guy say something about catching monsters with them. Didn't hear all of it, but that doesn't sound like anything I want any part in. If I never see another monster again, it'll be way too soon, thanks.

This thing doesn't look too special, to be totally honest. Looks kinda gimmicky, actually. Like something from the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Same with everything else in this backpack... thing. In fact, this whoooole thing almost feels like some sort of really elaborate, retarded summer camp activity. Except that it was sprung on us by surprise. I wonder if that's even legal? Oh well.

Guess I should be checking these things out, anyway. If I press this button-- OH SHI-- wha-- ... what. I-- ... what? It opened and-- .... there was something IN it?

Something furry, with a black nose and a big sloppy tongue--


Oh, motherfu--

Third Person Sample:
Leaves and little fragments of bark pattered against the ground, which was ... quite far away now, actually. And partially upside-down. Well, from her vantage point anyway. Fingernails digging into the treebark as hard as they could without bleeding, Heather clung to the tree which she had just scurried up in almost record time, having earned a few nasty scrapes to the knees and elbows for her troubles. As she stared down at the... the thing at the base of the trunk, she thanked whatever hopefully-benevolent higher power might have been listening that she'd made it to the tree in time.

The events of the last few seconds had been loud, frantic, and may have in fact turned several heads.

Heather Mason had been sitting dully on the edge of the town center, wrinkling her nose against the dust churned up from the commotion of many confused newly-assigned trainers milling around and trying to get their bearings. Some of them seemed to know what they were doing, some of them seemed like they were pretty sure they were still dreaming-- Heather had been in the latter category, at least until she'd pressed the little round button on the shiny ball her backpack had been holding.

What had followed was a barrage of high-pitched profanities as the lanky teen hightailed it across the tiny clearing (possibly elbowing others out of the way as she did so) as though the hounds of hell were after her.

What was actually after her was indeed a hound, although it probably only looked hellish in her eyes.

The Growlithe sat at the base of the tree its master had scaled like a squirrel, stumpy tail waggling and tongue lolling out happily. It turned in a few excited circles, before hopping up to put its front paws on the trunk and bark upwards at the girl in the tree, who was now glaring at it and hanging onto the branch with arms AND legs, sloth-style, like her life depended on it.

She spat a leaf down at the puppy, giving her head a shake to get the messy blond hair out of her eyes.


The Growlithe whined but remained sitting in exactly the same spot, staring beseechingly upwards. A foamy ribbon of drool dangled downwards from its open jaw as its tail continued to wag hopefully.

Heather readjusted her grip on the branch, sending another small flurry of leaves spiraling downwards. Oh god it probably had rabies. FFFF--!!


Her words tailed off into a yelp as her grip started to slide again, resulting in an unpleasant barking of her already-scraped knee.

"God dammit!"

If only I had some beef jerkey to chuck at it to distract it...