Heather Mason
[Static. Then, jumbled, chaotic video-- but through it all, there's the gruff, guttural voice of a Croconaw.]

T-turn on the camera!


How do I get her to let go?!


[It takes awhile... but it eventually comes back around.]

[ooc: Heather has become Memory of Alessa for the duration of Fourth Wall! Feel free to tag if you want your character to interact with spooky semi-feral zombie-Heather, no matter where they are!]
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Heather Mason
29 October 2013 @ 07:55 pm
The low moan of the wind was practically alive in these drafty stone corridors, and the sound of her boots on the floor seemed almost deafening.

And it was cold.

Those were a few of the many differences between this and the Otherworld, which had been cramped and often grotesquely warm, with her footfalls echoing only dully on the dusty (or sometimes meaty) floors.

It wasn't really a question of which she liked better, because frankly, she didn't like EITHER.

But the similarities were, weirdly, more comforting than the differences.

She stopped as a non-windy sound drifted towards her from down the hallway, her steadily-bouncing flashlight beam stilling.

That was something that was similar. The light by her collar (not in her pocket this time-- but close enough) and the knife in her hand and the familiar buzz of adrenaline to sharpen her senses and mind.

And the creatures, whose eyes were now visible, gleaming in the gloom ahead.

They were perhaps, the most familiar of all, even though it had been years since she'd seen a real one and not one of the magical creatures inhabiting her new home. Magical creatures that she, in fact, was LOOKING for now.

But these weren't Pokemon.

And they could be killed.

Her grip tightened on the knife and she started forward once again.

[OOC: This is a catch-all log for all the nighttime adventures Heather had in the Nightmare Castle, whether it's fighting monsters or finding her Pokemon. Open to all, feel free to start any scenario you want. Doesn't have to be connected to the prose above!]
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Nightmare Castle
Heather Mason

[A set of creamy hooves trot past, stirring up dust and leaves on the forest path, before the camera is adjusted by a big scaly blue hand-- and then, after a moment's though, plopped into the hand-owner's lap. It's a Croconaw, judging by the legs crossed in the bottom of the camera's view.]

[And the fiery hindquarters of a Rapidash and its rider are just visible, disappearing up the path.]

She's getting much better, isn't she?

[The voice, which to human ears sounds only like a few happy chirps (but will be perfectly understandable to any Pokemon), belongs to someone off-camera-- and is answered by a much louder rumbling growl that is clearly coming from the camera-holding Croconaw.]

I dunno... she's bouncing a lot, and when Carousel stops she pitches forward really sharply. She could fall off. And... and she's been so jumpy after she came awake in the middle of the night like that... I'm worried. Maybe I should...

[A tiny brown paw appears and pats the Croconaw's knee comfortingly.]

Don't, she'll be fine! Carousel will take care of her. Just enjoy the nice weather!

[The speaker, a little Eevee with enormous flop-ears, pads into view and then stretches out on her belly in a dappled patch of sunlight, evidently happy as a clam. A rumbling, reluctant sigh follows from the Croconaw.]

But... I... well, okay...

[Then he trails off into silence. They're apparently sitting on some pine-needle-covered boulders in the forested paths just north of Mahogany. The camera rolls in silence for some time, during which any Pokemon wanting to talk to Cheryl the Eevee or Godzilla the Croconaw will be answered!]

[Around fifteen minutes later, though, the hoofbeats sound again and the Rapidash comes trotting back into view with Heather aboard her back, holding onto a pair of makeshift reins. She's bareback but straightbacked and keeping steady-- well, until Carousel comes to a halt anyway. Then she can't help but pitch forward slightly before righting herself.]

Whoof. Thanks for waiting, guys-- ... what, were you recording the scenery or something?

[She dismounts and takes the camera from Godzilla, giving his spiny crest a pat before lifting it up to her face. It's ruddy from the exercise, but there's also some dark, bruised-looking shadows under her eyes. Like many... she apparently did not sleep well last night. But when she speaks, her voice is the usual I-dare-you-to-question-my-enthusiasm volume. Because everything's totally okay, right? Everything's super duper okay right now.]

This has been the Forest Zen Channel with Heather and Co. Hope we helped you all feel super tranquil and shit. Peace!

[Boop, end feed.]
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Yo, this is where I'm at: The forest paths north of Mahogany Town
Heather Mason
28 August 2013 @ 10:29 pm
[There's been a lot of people leaving lately.]

[Which means a lot of Pokemon left behind.]

[Today's video is brief. Like maybe six seconds long, and it starts outside the PokeMart in Mahogany Town. You know, where delivery people sometimes show up with mail too big to be sent through the PC. Someone else is holding the camera-- possibly Henry.]

[There, sitting right down there in the dirt, is Heather.]

[Surrounded by approximately five million Mightyena.]

[... Okay, more like six.]


[End feed.]
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Mahogany Town
Heather Mason
27 August 2013 @ 02:19 am

Name: Kit
AIM: Phantastus
Other contact:
Plurk: Phantastus
EMail: psychologyseaurchin@gmail.com
Current characters: N/A

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Heather Mason
[The feed, as per usual when it comes to Heather's Gym Battles, opens from a low vantage point. It's become somewhat tradition for Heather to hand the 'Gear off to one of her able-handed Pokemon so that they can film while she's engaged in the battle.]

[Alessa the Absol is in front, bristling in anticipation of the battle, and Heather, looking more polished than usual but still rougher around the edges than is probably considered appropriate for a big event like this, stands beside her.]

[Above, the golden glass windows mark the gym they're standing in as Saffron.]

[After the 'establishing shot' of Heather and Alessa, the camera jostles around instead to get a more complete view of the arena, with Sabrina now visible on the other end. She's apparently in the middle of giving her usual pre-battle spiel; the nobility of the Psychic type, a brief and succinct history of the Saffron Gym and how it knocked the Dojo next-door well off the playing field...]

[But she cuts herself off with a very knowing look mere seconds before Heather interrupts her with a flat:]

Yeah, yeah.

Let's just get this over with.

[Sabrina nods obligingly (though not without a patronizing 'I knew you were going to do that' smile-- and her Espeon moves into the center of the field along with Alessa.]

Trainers take your positions! )

[The battle's over. There's a smattering of applause and stuff, a loud mechanical voice coming from the general area of the scoreboard and announcing the battle's victor, the usual. Cujo, pleased as punch with himself, has galloped back over to Heather for praise and attention.]

[... But Heather's clapped a hand to her temple, briefly gritting her teeth and shaking her head like it's full of flies. Cujo stops in his tracks and tilts his head in confusion, but it only lasts a second before Heather, ignoring the greetings of those who came to watch her battle, whips around to face the distant Sabrina again.]

Oh, is THAT how this is gonna be?

Real mature.

You think you can scare me with that psychic shit?

[Sabrina, who was still looking somewhat smug despite her loss (apparently at whatever little mental 'parting gift' she'd just sent to Heather), lifts a brow. With a shake of the head, she calls out, calmly:]

You clearly came here with something to prove, Miss Mason.

[Lower jaw jutting out, Heather glares sourly at the Gym Leader.]

Yeah. And I proved it.

Let's go, Cooj.

[She's already started to turn away when Sabrina speaks again.]

I don't believe you have. And neither do you.

[... And then the camera jostles as the cameramon hastily switches it off, apparently anticipating something that may not go particularly well, since Heather has whirled around once more and is marching angrily across the arena towards Sabrina.]

[When the camera comes back on about ten minutes later, it's Heather's face. She still looks somewhat angry, but at least she's calm as she checks the footage.]

Man, screw that noise.

I got the badge, I'm outta here.

Sayonara, Saffron City.

[ooc: To those physically present in the Gym, Heather engaged in a rather heated conversation with Sabrina during the time that the 'Gear was off, but no punches were thrown or anything.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City Gym
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Heather Mason

[A few minutes after it goes up, the image is edited to add another blurb:]

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Heather Mason
[You know what?]

[Heather's not even sure why she TRIES anymore.]

[So done. So done.]

Here we go again.

... Yes, Cooj, I still love you.

Just not right now.
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City
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Heather Mason
11 May 2013 @ 11:05 pm

This never-ending story, paid for with pride and faith. We all fall short of glory, lost in our fate. )
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Heather Mason
05 May 2013 @ 05:17 pm
[As is fairly regular with Heather, who never really plans AHEAD when she turns her feed on, the video opens with a brief glimpse at something entirely-unrelated!]

[Two large Houndooms, one bare-necked and the other wearing a large, studded leather collar-- are at play in a sunny patch of park. Or more accurately, the big collar-wearing one is TRYING to get the other to play, in a show of big-dog posturing, and the uncollared one is sort of just mild-manneredly humoring him.]

[Right before the camera shifts, though, a blur of blue and yellow barrels into the larger of the two hellhounds and the one-sided playtime promptly becomes an enthusiastic wrestling match between Tricia (the Manectric recently inherited from Cooper) and Huan (the Houndoom even more recently inherited from Otacon).]

[But then it's Heather's face dominating the screen, because she apparently has other things in mind than just showing the network a bunch of dogs running around the park.]



If there's anyone around who knows much about horses... riding horses, specifically...

I'm looking to learn. Any advice's appreciated. Thanks in advance.

[... Well that was unusually businesslike and to the point. ... For someone like Heather, anyway. There's not much humor in the usually-goofy girl's voice today.]

[Before she can flick the 'Gear off, there's a commotion offscreen and she looks off in the direction of the noise, clearly exasperated.]

... TCH, god dammit Cujo.

[The view shifts as she gets up and it becomes apparent that Cujo the Hulking Behemoth of a Growlithe (tm) had decided to join the fray and promptly plowed straight OVER at least two of the participants, who are now chasing after him in a big herd of barking chaos across the park. OH THOSE CRAZY DOGES.]

[End feed.]


HEY. How did you do that shit at the party?

[... well wtf is that supposed to mean, Heather. Clarification is apparently not going to be provided until she gets a reply.]
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Heather Mason
14 April 2013 @ 09:32 pm
[... Well. It's time.]

[She didn't want it to be.]

[But there's really no denying it now.]

There's already been a few other announcements so i'm just joining the train but i guess this is more to let his other friends know that I've got Tricia the Manectric

I found her in the PC yesterday afternoon

just so everyone who was friends with Dale Cooper knows that she's okay.

I'll be coming up to Justice Farm to get any toys or whatever he might have had for her in a bit, which i guess is a thinly-veiled excuse to come and see everybody and exchange some hugs or something because Coop meant a lot to a lot of people and i guess against all odds I turned out to be one of them.

I could say a lot of things but in the end I guess it's best to leave it at that i'll miss him and that I hope he'd be proud that i'm not handling his disappearance like i did so many of the other ones that he actually had to talk sense into me over

[Anyone who's known Heather for the past couple of years knows that she has a somewhat... problematic history when it comes to accepting big disappearances.]

so yeah.

heather out or something.

No punching bags, no more egg-crushing. Yes, Cooper would be proud... )
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Heather Mason
12 April 2013 @ 07:37 pm
Name: Kit
Personal DW: [personal profile] phantastus
Email: psychologyseaurchin(at)gmail.com
Timezone: EST
AIM: Phantastus
Plurk: Phantastus

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Heather Mason

[There's a video in this post, but it's surprisingly short-- just a brief shot of what looks like a few big ol' coolers of beer and other various forms of alcohol. It's nothing too classy, but it's not junk either.]

[Wound over the top of the coolers is a long, slinky mass of cream and brown striped fur. A Furret with a scowl like a stormcloud is evidently guarding the stash against The Elite Four chaperones WHATEVER BAD THINGS MIGHT POTENTIALLY BEFALL A TREASURE TROVE OF LIQUOR.]

[Accompanying the video is a text!]


if there was an actual open bar at this place I wouldn't have to do this but naturally there's nothing stronger than punch because everything in this world is LAME
BUT WORRY NOT CITIZENS for I saved you the trouble of trying to brew moonshine in one of the bathtubs here or something idk what you desperate people are willing to do


come find me if you're interested. look for the Murkrow in the snazzy tux.

NOTE: not selling to kids. I'm not gonna be a square and get all up in your faces looking for ID or anything but seriously no little kids, if some twelve-year-old wants vodka they ain't gettin it from me
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Tohjo Falls Resort
Heather Mason
24 February 2013 @ 05:45 pm

okay listen up you weedles, I was going through a bunch of old photos stored on this thing and found this one I forgot about from like idk a few months ago or maybe a year or something

it's starter appreciation day so it seemed appropriate to just say a few words or something about that ugly orange thing in the picture with me


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Heather Mason
31 December 2012 @ 11:07 pm


[That Vulpix on the screen sure looks pissed.]

[The ironic presence of the happy leftover Christmas lights behind it doesn't help.]

[A heavy sigh sounds from off-camera.]


Leave it to her to get one last dig in just when I thought it was over.

[But Heather apparently isn't gonna elaborate on who 'her' is... though anyone who witnessed Heather's fiery freakout over the summer and knew what it was about might have a decent guess.]

[The camera just shifts as she gets up-- it lingers briefly on what looks like a box filled with crumpled wrapping paper-- in the middle of it sit two large eggs.]

Hopefully the other living presents we got this year'll be friendlier.

[She turns the camera around at last and sort of regards it for a moment, chewing absent-mindedly on her lip. She's got a big wooly winter hat on, so either she just got in or she's about to go out. Probably the latter.]

... Screw this year, man. Bring on the new one.


[ooc: ANYONE IN SAFFRON CITY IS FREE TO RUN INTO HEATHER, or assume she randomly stopped by wherever they are.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City
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Heather Mason
22 December 2012 @ 03:33 pm
Well, the world didn't end!





Still a work in progress, keep checking back!
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Heather Mason
02 December 2012 @ 05:51 pm

[Since the whole thing on the weekend that they all remember now.]

[In those few days, Heather has been holed up in her hotel room like a dysfunctional pop star hiding from the paparazzi. What's she been doing in there? GOD ONLY KNOWS. Actually, the people IN that hotel room know and it's mostly being quiet and sleeping a lot, but there you go.]

[BUT LO AND BEHOLD: a text!]

[A text with a request.]


I have a mission for all of you

send me funny shit

any funny shit

I don't care if it's a joke or a story about the time your drunk uncle bill mistook your annoying aunt sally's drink for a spitoon or a video of that fat Meowrth that likes to get in boxes i forget his name it's like Maroo or something

1 2 3 GO
Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City hotel
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Heather Mason

[It's funny, because these sorts of weekends have come to be ones that Heather dreads, clear memories or no. She doesn't remember much of them when they roll around, but she remembers enough, and usually what she remembers is bad.]

[So yeah, she's sort of been walking on eggshells, waiting for this to happen.]

[BUT... between all the craziness going down throughout November... bundling over to Kanto with the rest of her family to cheer Crow on during the Tournament, spending Thanksgiving in the packed-to-bursting household of a grumpy FBI agent and the enormously large family unit he seems to have somehow gathered (despite... being himself) ...]

[It drives weird dreamy weekends filled with amnesia and horror and the Koolaid Man bursting through the wall out of the mind, a little!]

[.... Which is why, yeah, uh, she's out taking Cooj for a nighttime walk on Friday night, and doesn't quite notice anything's up yet.]

[Or the pink bunny following her around.]

[OOC: Tags may be horrendously slow due to NaNo, but I had to hiatus-break at least a LITTLE for 4th Wall! Robbie the Rabbit will be lingering in the background of any given thread, but feel free to throw anything at Heather and not bother with the spooky pink bunny chillin over there.]
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City
Heather Mason
13 August 2012 @ 07:19 pm
[Locked to Ironhide, Minnie Mouse, Otacon, and Dale Cooper]

I don't know if it'll fix anything at this point, because I said some pretty horrendous things to all of you, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

I'll understand if you're still mad. None of you need to reply to this.

[Action for Goldenrod]

[It's probably not surprising that there's been radio silence from Heather on the 'Gear for awhile, considering... well, everything. Even if she hadn't had her 'Gear confiscated as part of the 'grounding', she hadn't exactly been in a chatty mood.]

[But even if she's bound to the city, she's not bound to the hotel room, and considering that she's sort of in the doghouse at the moment, she's not too interested in staying cooped up with the people who are rightfully upset with her.]

[So she can be found wandering the streets of Goldenrod City with Cujo padding along at her side, window-shopping or occasionally lounging on a bench-- minus the firepowers that blew the metaphorical Diglett-hole into a volcanic mountain a few weeks ago, but unfortunately still with the unattractive aftereffects of the whole ordeal: smoky black hair, patches of scorched-looking skin, and a permanent burnt-toast smell following her around.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Goldenrod City
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