24 July 2017 @ 02:45 pm
Would anyone happen to know someone who'd like something from the Glaceon line? I, ah... I tried to breed mine and ended up with a couple extra eggs. She didn't have as many as my other Pokemon, but I ended up with a couple extra. I'm only going to be keeping one, so the rest are free to good homes.

--Also if anyone has any advice in getting a pokemon to calm down, I'd really appreciate it. I have a Noivern and I'm... having a really hard time with him. He keeps breaking out of his ball and screaming in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep and a soothe bell isn't working out as I'd hoped. I'm still going to try something with a friend the next time we meet up, but until then I'm willing to try almost anything.

[ooc; Two eevee eggs remain as Bertolt is keeping one, another will be going to Armin, and another is on hold for Ivy; The move pool only contains Helping Hand and Bite! This was a small, spur of the moment thing hence no actual egg post!]
24 July 2017 @ 10:15 pm
[ The video snapped on, revealing a warm, summer garden, as the sun was setting and casting long shadows over the ground. Walter was standing, in jeans, a black tee and with a green plaid shirt left open to cover his arms, in the middle of a gathering of Pokemon who are all paying eager attention. He had evidently summoned them about something and was telling them about it...the Pokemon who turned on the camera set it down in the tree they had been hiding in, although they didn't reveal themselves. ]

-the Sun has been generous to us this year, with such a warm and bright summer. So now is our time to give thanks. To celebrate, before the September Equinox. We will need wood, for a fire to cook and dance by. Food as well. And...blood, as a sacrifice. [ Certain pokemon, an Audino and a Floette especially, look concerned about that. But others, such as the ghosts, are grinning eagerly and getting excited at the prospect of a sacrifice. Walter lifted his hands to calm them, speaking in his soft, firm voice. ] I have made plans for that already. Don't worry; there will be no death involved.

We will celebrate in two weeks, before the warmth of summer completely fades. In that time, we will prepare. [ He gestured certain Pokemon forward to give them unique jobs; gathering wood, preparing a fire pit/bonfire- when he's interrupted by Assumption, who stepped forward with a cry to get his attention. The two held their gaze, communicating without a word. Finally, Walter nodded. ] I suppose...we could invite some guests.

[ The gathered Pokemon perked up and began to shift, some roaring or cackling. A blood offering and visitors? This was definitely an occasion now! ]

(( OOC: Walter' will receive messages after his Gear has been brought down from the tree. ))

24 July 2017 @ 11:16 pm

[ Haurchefant sits with his Goodra wrapped around him, letting out excited coos. ] My dear Pokemon have had some eggs. It's quite the interesting thing, is it not? That these Pokemon can all reproduce, though they all look quite different.
[ A pause. ] But I imagine it's been quite some time since that was first observed. To think we've been coming to this land for so long... anyway! If anybody would wish to buy some of these eggs, I shall include a list of what I think have bred.
...Also, are there any more horse-like Pokemon out there in this wide world? I've Rapidash, Zebstrika, Mudsdale, and Deerling in my team.

((ooc egg post here.))
[Ah, a lovely morning on Cycling Road. Doduos are calling out to one another, the sunlight is glinting off of the water in the distance…]

[The ‘Gear is facing down the steep slope, and the front wheel of a bike is just barely visible at the bottom of the screen.]

[Envy just learned how to ride a bike a week ago and he is Ready to Show Off with an improvised Pokemon GoPro. And hey, they’re not miniature and the bike hasn’t been replaced with a weird doll, neither he nor Heather seem to have been hit with anything weird this Friday.]

[Or so Envy thinks.]

We’re almost at the end of this thing, and since nobody’s up yet to clog up the path, I’m gonna show you all how fast I can get to the bottom.

[The camera jostles as Envy seemingly gets on the bike behind it, kicks off…and down the hill he goes.]

[…this seems kind of too wobbly for going straight, shouldn’t it be smoother…?]


[Soon it becomes clear (if the alarmed shouting hadn’t already) that the bike is actually pitching all over the place, going way too fast, and headed directly for a ditch along the side of the trail. From the background, another, fainter voice that some might recognize as Heather Mason is also shouting.]

The brakes! Use the handbrakes like I showed you!

It’s not working!

[And it’s too late anyway. Any watchers will get a great view as the bike careens directly into the ditch, blacking out with a loud crash and a spray of dirt.]

[This did not go anywhere near as planned.]
22 July 2017 @ 04:36 pm
[The video snaps on first mostly because the Pokegear recording hit the ground. It's looking straight up at a large tree and something--or someone--has done something to upset a lot of Pidgeys if they way they're flying about is any indication.

A second later there's a loud crack and a yelp as a blonde young man falls out of the tree, an egg clutched in his arm as he falls right on top of his 'Gear.

For a moment there's nothing then the view comes back as the young man scrambles up, grabbing his 'gear in the process and takes off running. A Buziel and Lillipup come into view briefly as they run alongside their trainer, all three of them fleeing as a flock of angry Pidgey's follows.

Sadly, they aren't quick enough because a Pidgey dive-bombs the young man a moment later and the 'gear goes flying as he hits the ground, the last thing visible before the 'gear turns off his Link curling into a ball as Pidgey's attack him, the egg he'd stolen resting unharmed off to the side.]

[Fifteen minutes and a couple potions later, the video comes back as Link sits on a log looking worse for the wear, his Buizel sitting beside him looking exhausted while his Lillipup yips and clearly scolds the pair. Link sighs quietly before waving at his 'gear awkwardly, switching to text.]

Apparently I can't climb trees today.

Or swim.

Or climb rocks.
22 July 2017 @ 11:07 am
Ayup lads, I'm back from camping it up over in the mountains and general extended vacation. Just...you know, announcing it here in case I have threads that I forgot about or anything and folks wanted to continue, or places that I'm needed!

For new people, hiya! I'm Mozart, I play your local Jade Harley (this journal) from Homestuck, Xion ([personal profile] faintwaves) from Kingdom Hearts, and Botan ([personal profile] styxiedust) from Yu Yu Hakusho. Sorry I didn't get to greet y'all when you initially arrived but I look forward to playing with ya later on!

For now please enjoy some Pikachu toast.
22 July 2017 @ 12:58 pm
If you see a pink Oranguru holding a chess set and a Type: Null wearing an orange ribbon around Goldenrod, could you please tell them that dinner will be at 6 tonight, and to bring back milk and apples when they come home? Thanks.

Bubblegum knows how to play, by the way, if you see him and have nothing else to do. Just don't let SID eat the pawns, we're running out of replacements.
[Alright - this was it. Today was going to be the day. Jane had been goofing off and ignoring the ache in her chest at the disappearance of so many of her friends from home for too long, but now it was time to get down to business.

Today she was going to challenge the Azalea Gym.


Or, well, you know. She would, if the feed wasn't focused on her having difficulty figuring out how to open her inn room door. No matter how slowly she goes, her hand just keeps missing the doorknob. A shiny Delphox hovers nearby, reaching out to her every so often.]

No, August, it's fine! It's fine, I can do it myself! [Hand pats the knob. Hand cannot figure out how to close around knob.] I've been here a year now, I can open some silly old door! Promise.

[The Delphox turns to where the Poke'gear is, ears lowered in concern, his thoughts audible to all.] Dinah, she's being stubborn aga...are you filming this?

[An Audino giggles, the feed shaking slightly, and Jane turns.]

Wha - hey, now! Cut it out! I've almost got it! Gosh, some partner you are, making fun of me!

[...What in the heck is going on in Johto today.]
 [ Todays viral video that's spreading like wildfire features a pink haired trainer handing out flyers at the Game Corner in Goldenrod. She looks sort of bored but she's making the most of it with some encouraging smiles and while you can't hear what she's saying she seems to be convincing some people to go seek out the Game Corner for a good time.

Then you can vaguely hear some shouting and as she turns around to see what's going on a FUCKING MILTANK comes out of nowhere performing a rollout attack and crashes into her legs sending her flying and her flyers going everywhere.

She hits the ground hard enough the crowd winces as the trainer of the Miltank goes running by to try and stop it. Meanwhile pink haired girl is scrambling to retrieve her flyers...a strong gust of wind sweeps them up and turns them into a rolling tornado of papers. 

At this point most people might give up but this girl apparently is stubborn because she goes racing after them, leaping over a bench and catching some papers out of the air. Indeed her acrobatics are quite impressive...until she catches her foot wrong on a trashcan and falls into it butt first.

The papers are flying away and she's struggling to get out, even calling out her Honchkrow to help her.

...the Honchkrow simply starts laughing. So is apparently the person holding the camera because it's shaking and when the pink haired girl glares and waves a hand the camera person can't stop giggling long enough to get her out.

It's OK though because...CRASH! The Miltank is back and sends the pink haired girl, and her trashcan flying. When it smashes back to the ground she's running ontop of it in a desperate scramble as it rolls down hill and out of sight. The camera person doesn't seem to be able to follow she's laughing so hard.

...you might think the video is over...but then you hear a loud buzzing sound.

Running back up the hill the pink haired girl is looking terrified and for good reason. Somehow she must have crashed her can into a tree or something because a swarm of angry Beedril are now hot on her heels shooting off pin missiles. It's at this point the camera person decides to take cover inside a nearby building. When she turns the camera back to a window you can see the pink haired girl swinging a tree branch wildly while a Litten, a Torracat, a ponyta and the Honchkrow are all trying to ward off the Beedril.

And now her hair is on fire thanks to a misfire from the ponyta. Shrieking she calls out a Brionne who hoses her down and leaves her sopping wet, hair singed, stung in several places and clutching a few ruined Game Corner flyers. Finally spotting the camera person again she holds up the most legible Game Corner Flyer so the camera can see it. 

How's that for Viral Marketing?

20 July 2017 @ 11:45 am
[so Madoka's quest to become stronger and also to help Lilly, her Eevee, become stronger hasn't been going exactly as well as she had hoped. but, she does have an idea.]

[back home, she had spent a good bit of time doodling what sort of magical girl costume she'd wear, if she ever decided to make a contract — Madoka had daydreamed of becoming strong enough to help everyone back then. maybe a look into the future would help Lilly, too?]

[and so:]

Hello! I hope everyone's been doing okay lately. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I was wondering if someone could help me? If you have a picture of what your Eevee evolved into, could you send it to me?

I'm hoping it'll help my own Eevee out. Thank you!