Heather Mason
23 April 2014 @ 06:48 pm

[The Noctowl's exasperation and general disapproval pretty much radiates off the screen.]

[It's a nice day in one of the small parks that are scattered on the outskirts of Mahogany (before it turns into forested, mountainous terrain, anyway), and this video broadcast from the 'Gear of one Heather Mason is showing a pair of Murkrow out to corrupt an innocent young Eevee. ... Or, you know, they just want to play and Claudy is living up to her reputation by being an old bag and not letting them. Could be either. Or both.]

[There's a lot of bright glinting going on, though-- which can be attributed to the shimmery pink Murkrow next to Wren. She's a newer addition to the team, apparently.]

[And the inter-generational bird drama unfolding on the screen seems to be a backdrop to why Heater's really filming, given that her voice cuts in with a question entirely unrelated to what's going on.]

So hey guys, been awhile since I posted anything, n'I've been feeling kinda sappy and nostalgic and crap.

I know there aren't too many people around anymore who got here when I did, but pretty sure unless you got here last week, we've all had at least one person go poof on us.

So, uh, let's have this be a thing where you tell me something about someone you knew who isn't here anymore. Bonus points for funny. Or you could like... I dunno. Talk about a Pokemon they left you or something.

[The camera lingers briefly over the pink Murkrow, who is happily chattering away at the Noctowl, oblivious to the fact that she's being filmed. ... Maybe the request isn't so unrelated, after all.]
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Heather Mason

[A set of creamy hooves trot past, stirring up dust and leaves on the forest path, before the camera is adjusted by a big scaly blue hand-- and then, after a moment's though, plopped into the hand-owner's lap. It's a Croconaw, judging by the legs crossed in the bottom of the camera's view.]

[And the fiery hindquarters of a Rapidash and its rider are just visible, disappearing up the path.]

She's getting much better, isn't she?

[The voice, which to human ears sounds only like a few happy chirps (but will be perfectly understandable to any Pokemon), belongs to someone off-camera-- and is answered by a much louder rumbling growl that is clearly coming from the camera-holding Croconaw.]

I dunno... she's bouncing a lot, and when Carousel stops she pitches forward really sharply. She could fall off. And... and she's been so jumpy after she came awake in the middle of the night like that... I'm worried. Maybe I should...

[A tiny brown paw appears and pats the Croconaw's knee comfortingly.]

Don't, she'll be fine! Carousel will take care of her. Just enjoy the nice weather!

[The speaker, a little Eevee with enormous flop-ears, pads into view and then stretches out on her belly in a dappled patch of sunlight, evidently happy as a clam. A rumbling, reluctant sigh follows from the Croconaw.]

But... I... well, okay...

[Then he trails off into silence. They're apparently sitting on some pine-needle-covered boulders in the forested paths just north of Mahogany. The camera rolls in silence for some time, during which any Pokemon wanting to talk to Cheryl the Eevee or Godzilla the Croconaw will be answered!]

[Around fifteen minutes later, though, the hoofbeats sound again and the Rapidash comes trotting back into view with Heather aboard her back, holding onto a pair of makeshift reins. She's bareback but straightbacked and keeping steady-- well, until Carousel comes to a halt anyway. Then she can't help but pitch forward slightly before righting herself.]

Whoof. Thanks for waiting, guys-- ... what, were you recording the scenery or something?

[She dismounts and takes the camera from Godzilla, giving his spiny crest a pat before lifting it up to her face. It's ruddy from the exercise, but there's also some dark, bruised-looking shadows under her eyes. Like many... she apparently did not sleep well last night. But when she speaks, her voice is the usual I-dare-you-to-question-my-enthusiasm volume. Because everything's totally okay, right? Everything's super duper okay right now.]

This has been the Forest Zen Channel with Heather and Co. Hope we helped you all feel super tranquil and shit. Peace!

[Boop, end feed.]
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Heather Mason
15 April 2011 @ 11:59 pm
[TEXT]-- locked to Otacon, Kaito, Rise, Snake, Phoenix, and Cybil-- (who Heather doesn't realize is gone yet oops)]

Hey, if you're there, answer ASAP

It's important.


[Dad's here.]

[Dad's here.]

[Dad is here and it's for real.]

[Heather knows because she went to sleep that night after talking what felt like forever-- almost positive that in the morning she'd wake up and that video message would be gone entirely, just a figment cooked up from her tired, bug-fried imagination and a whole lot of wishful thinking-- ... but nope. There it was.]

[Which of course meant that there was still a distinct possibility that she'd just gone CRAZY.]

[But hey. One good way to find out if THAT was true or not: Post stupid Pokemon videos to the network! If reality had indeed warped, maybe the responses she'd get would all be from Lovecraftian monstrosities and Picasso paintings instead of the fine people of Johto.]

Haha, oh my god, you guys. Look at this.

[The feed shakily settles on an intense drama unfolding on the floor of Heather's room.]

[The little surprise-Eevee who hatched on April Fool's Day is lying on her back on the floor, just waving her tiny, stubby legs and occasionally rolling back and forth fruitlessly-- her enormous, completely-floppy ears puddled on the floor on either side of her, apparently heavy enough to prevent her from rolling over and getting to her feet entirely. She's not making any complaining sounds, or even looking particularly distressed. Just... quietly flailing and tipping back and forth.]

[When the camera turns on, it's with Godzilla the Totodile approaching. Maybe to help her up?]

[... Nope.]

I think he's jealous because this thing's been getting way more attention than him-- ohp-- look at that. He's jeaaalous!

[The little crocodile Pokemon had turned to face the screen, reptilian lips pouched in an angry pout.]

Sorry, 'Zilla. I call it like I see it. You-- no, don't you shake your head at me. You're practically turnin' green right now.

Keep this up and you'll look like a normal alliga-- hey, where're you going?

[The camera shifts to follow Zilla as he waddles angrily off to the other side of the room to sulk underneath the bed. Heather calls after him.]

Y'know your face will stick like that if you leave it too long!



... He's probably gonna eat all my pants.
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Heather Mason
01 April 2011 @ 05:11 pm

[This is what one might see if they are outside on April Fool's Day in the fine city of Goldenrod.]

[When Heather set out from Violet, she did it with a vengeance-- making it to her destination in record time purely by force of will. .... Well, okay. Snake and Solid the Onix helped out a little too. But REGARDLESS, it looks like she made it just in time for the stormclouds to come rolling in.]

[Johto, you been PUNK'D.]

[By the time the lobby doors to the big hotel she had left about two months before slide open and Heather staggers inside, she's thoroughly drenched and gasping. Not even sprinting through the deluge (which had blown in fast, as deluges often do-- the last quarter-mile to Goldenrod had been a mad dash to try and beat the roiling sky. She hadn't made it.]

[Spluttering and dripping everywhere, Heather stumbles into the lobby, letting the doors slide shut behind her to be drummed on incessantly by the big fat raindrops.]

[Cujo, who looks surprisingly happy for a Fire type about being wet, prances in alongside her and proceeds (much to the disdain of the bellboy who had started over to her with the intention of offering her a towel, only to quickly change his mind when he saw what was about to happen) to SHAKE. OFF. EVERYWHERE. And with a coat as shaggy as his? Fur could hold half its weight in water. Once he's finished, he happily goes gambolling off across the lobby to re-investigate the potted plants that he hasn't seen in a month or two. SUP PLANTS.]

[Heather, meanwhile, is doing some shake-drying of her own, sluicing water off of her hair vigorously. BRRRRRRRR. The bellboy is crying on the inside.]


When they say April showers bring May flowers, but I didn't expect it to hit on the first, on the DOT.... Cooj, if you 'mark' those potted plants and get us thrown out into the rain, I will leave you in a box on someone's doorstep.

[Now giving the dripping coat that she'd been using as an (ineffective) umbrella a shake (in the bellboy's mind, Heather's threat level went from amber to red) or two, she grabbed up the strap to her bag and started to drag it towards the thankfully-carpeted sitting area, leaving a big watery trail the whole way (WHY COULDN'T HE HAVE GONE ON TO BE A SPORTS ANNOUNCER LIKE HIS MOTHER WANTED INSTEAD OF BEING A BELLBOY SOB).]

[Once there, Heather popped down into a squat on the carpet, whistling for Cujo while she rummaged in her pockets for the Pokeballs containing her companions.]

Boy, sure am glad I decided to take Alvaro with me... Sure hope these things are waterproof. [Fearing that shoving the orphaned Cubone into a BOX right off the bat would damage its fragile emotional state even MORE, Heather had opted to take him with her. Here's hoping that decision wouldn't bite her in the butt. At least Carousel had been box'd-- Heather had already witnessed the wonder that was a drenched Ponyta trying to re-ignite its mane and she wasn't sure her already-shot nerves could take the stress of watching a pony shed sparks everywhere.]

Good, nobody fell outta my pocket-- hey, Claudy, c'mon, get outta there, I gotta check on my stuff...

[Tossing the bag's flap open, she ushers the damp, ruffled-looking owl out of the bag. Claudy picks her way delicately onto the carpet and fluffs up to about twice her size before starting to preen unconcernedly. Heather watches the display with a roll of her eyes.]

Y'know, if you'd just go in the ball like a NORMAL Pokemon, that bag would've weighed like half as much. Probably would've been able to beat the rain if I hadn't had to lug YOU around, too... Man, my 'Gear better not be busted...

[She reached into the bag to fish around for the contraption in question-- ... and stops.]

.... Claudy, what the fuck, did you cough up a pellet the size of GOD in here or--

.... Oh.

.... What the--


[The camera turns on. Its feed is focused first on Claudy's head. She's grooming something, but all that can be seen for the moment is her feathers as they bob up and down.]

This.... this is an owl.

[The camera shifts away from the Noctowl and over to the bag, giving a nice view of the inside of Heather's bag (partially emptied so that her stuff could dry. Littering the bottom of the bag are crushed fragments of eggshell.]

Owls lay eggs.

[And then... then the camera zooms out a little, and moves back over to Claudy-- who can now be seen in full, contentedly preening a damp, squeaking little Eevee with ears about the same size as its body.]

That is not a baby owl.

[The camera turns around, onto a confused and slightly-disturbed-looking Heather. Her hair is still plastered wetly down around her face.]

I... I think I was just pranked by Mother Nature.

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