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20 December 2015 @ 11:00 pm
[There's no particular fanfare or introduction to the video-- it just opens right up on the battlefield of a Gym that anyone who's battled Claire for the final Johto badge before will recognize as Blackthorn's. It's a cavernous space lined with bubbling canals of lava, lighting up the court in fiery orange.]

[Claire stands proudly at the other end, her Gyarados twining sinuously in front of her-- on the other side, well, the trainer isn't visible, but a tiny yellow blot that (upon being zoomed in on, anyway) proves to be a Pikachu with a little chunk of Eviolite on a cord around her neck is standing before it, glaring it down.]

[The battle begins with a bang, with a tidal-wave of water gushing towards the Pikachu and veritable fireworks-show of crackling, branched lightning exploding across the field in reply. And it goes on from there, the meeting of lava and cold water erupting into clouds of steam that obscure the view of it more often than not, the battle turning into a series of dazzling flashes of light, vibrating booms of impact, and the distant cries (low and rumbling from the Gyarados, high and shrill from the Pikachu) of battling Pokemon.]

[It doesn't last long before the Gyarados goes down and the next players come out.]

[Anyone who had responded to the Heather's video about a week back will recognize the next contender as he enters the fray, standing in the smoke and steam with nostrils flared and rudderlike tail ready to swing: it's Godzilla, the workout enthusiast Croconaw.]

[The Kingdra and Dragonite that will follow their fallen compatriot onto the battlefield are both much bigger than he is, but HE HAS SPENT MONTHS PREPARING FOR THIS AND HE IS READY.]

[He doesn't wait for an introduction, either-- just holds out a pudgy webbed hand to accept the high-five that Hazel the Pikachu offers him (she had to jump to reach) as she scampers back to return to her trainer on the sidelines, and then puffs determinedly and charges in to meet his competitor with a frenzy of Crunches and Slashes, leaping and dodging with a surprising amount of agility for something so... well, pear-shaped.]

[This part of the battle is a lot more visible than the first-- Heather and her Pokemon know better than to use water moves against Dragon-types. ... At least for the sake of doing damage.]

[As the defeated Kingdra is drawn back into its Pokeball in a flash of red light, Zilla pauses to wipe sweat from his brow. It's all very dramatic. Battling in a room full of lava really brings out the perspiration!]

[When another flash, this one white, and a bugling cry signal the release of Claire's final fighter, the Croconaw looks over his shoulder, towards the camera. Which then bobs as its holder (or more accurately, the person who the holder is perched on) nods. Then he turns back to the field. He knows just what to do: which is spray a Hydro Pump straight into the nearest lavaflow and create a pillar of steam, which he then dives into as a mighty Dragon Pulse zaps across the arena to leave a small, smoking crater in the spot he'd previously stood. He does this again-- three, four, FIVE more times, leaping from cloud to cloud for cover and bursting out again, further across the field than before.]

[Until finally, with a flash of ice-coated alligator teeth, he leaps for the Dragonite's throat with Ice Fang.]

[It's a critical hit.]

[The pair topples, and an ear-splitting gong ringing out signals the end of the battle. The crowd-- there's always an audience when Claire the Dragonmaster takes on a challenger-- roars and the camera goes shakily sprinting into the arena through the still-wafting steam.]

[There's a soft glow as the Dragonite, like the Gyarados and Kingdra, is withdrawn-- but it doesn't quite fade, even when the other Pokemon is gone...]

[GODZILLA has evolved into FERALIGATR!]
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Heather Mason
10 December 2015 @ 12:41 pm
[Time for a nice view of the snowy rooftops of Blackthorn!]

[Heather's out on an upper-floor balcony somewhere-- probably a training gym judging by the fact that she's in some kind of dorky jogging suit and wearing a towel over her shoulder rather than her normal getup. Her breath steams in the air in front of her as she rubs her hands together to warm them up.]

HEEEEY, ladies and gents.

So I'm, uh, here getting ready to battle Claire in a few days, and--

[A slightly pudgy, pebbled blue arm pops into the frame from off-camera, tugging insistently at Heather's sleeve.]

--I know, relax, dude. I'm gettin' to it.

Yeah, so we're pretty worn out, but uh... if anyone's got any tips on beating Dragon-types, feel free to lay 'em on me. Already know about the Ice weakness, so don't worry, we got that covered.

[There's a honky croak, and then her Croconaw's face shoves in from the right, chuffing impatiently and anxiously all at once. Heather leans away, planting a hand on his nose to stop it from knocking the 'Gear right over.]

OKAY, okay!


So Zilla here filmed some of our workout and wants-- I don't know, what do you want? Advice? Okay. Advice. So I'm gonna attach the video here, and like... I dunno, let him know how he's doing? He's kinda worried that he's not ready to take Claire on, but he's been training, like, super hard, so I personally think he's gonna be fine-- [Godzilla lets out another indignant honk and nearly bowls Heather over in an attempt to cover her mouth-- somehow despite being a coldblooded reptile, he seems to be blushing furiously.]

[Heather leans away again, laughing.]

OKAY! Holy shit, dude, I'm not trying to embarrass you, I'm just bein' honest!


Just, if anybody wants to watch the video and reassure this bonehead that he's doing fine, go for it. Save me from the endless late nights spent with him shoving battle tutorials from StarYoutube in my face.

[VIDEO ATTACHED: zillatrainingmontage.wmv]
[AUDIO ATTACHED: eyeofthepyroar.mp3]

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Heather Mason
16 July 2014 @ 02:18 pm
[There is no text.]

[Only this image is posted to the network.]

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[A set of creamy hooves trot past, stirring up dust and leaves on the forest path, before the camera is adjusted by a big scaly blue hand-- and then, after a moment's though, plopped into the hand-owner's lap. It's a Croconaw, judging by the legs crossed in the bottom of the camera's view.]

[And the fiery hindquarters of a Rapidash and its rider are just visible, disappearing up the path.]

She's getting much better, isn't she?

[The voice, which to human ears sounds only like a few happy chirps (but will be perfectly understandable to any Pokemon), belongs to someone off-camera-- and is answered by a much louder rumbling growl that is clearly coming from the camera-holding Croconaw.]

I dunno... she's bouncing a lot, and when Carousel stops she pitches forward really sharply. She could fall off. And... and she's been so jumpy after she came awake in the middle of the night like that... I'm worried. Maybe I should...

[A tiny brown paw appears and pats the Croconaw's knee comfortingly.]

Don't, she'll be fine! Carousel will take care of her. Just enjoy the nice weather!

[The speaker, a little Eevee with enormous flop-ears, pads into view and then stretches out on her belly in a dappled patch of sunlight, evidently happy as a clam. A rumbling, reluctant sigh follows from the Croconaw.]

But... I... well, okay...

[Then he trails off into silence. They're apparently sitting on some pine-needle-covered boulders in the forested paths just north of Mahogany. The camera rolls in silence for some time, during which any Pokemon wanting to talk to Cheryl the Eevee or Godzilla the Croconaw will be answered!]

[Around fifteen minutes later, though, the hoofbeats sound again and the Rapidash comes trotting back into view with Heather aboard her back, holding onto a pair of makeshift reins. She's bareback but straightbacked and keeping steady-- well, until Carousel comes to a halt anyway. Then she can't help but pitch forward slightly before righting herself.]

Whoof. Thanks for waiting, guys-- ... what, were you recording the scenery or something?

[She dismounts and takes the camera from Godzilla, giving his spiny crest a pat before lifting it up to her face. It's ruddy from the exercise, but there's also some dark, bruised-looking shadows under her eyes. Like many... she apparently did not sleep well last night. But when she speaks, her voice is the usual I-dare-you-to-question-my-enthusiasm volume. Because everything's totally okay, right? Everything's super duper okay right now.]

This has been the Forest Zen Channel with Heather and Co. Hope we helped you all feel super tranquil and shit. Peace!

[Boop, end feed.]
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Heather Mason
30 March 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Okay-- OKAY, OKAY, hang on, I got it!

All right, get back.

[The sound of big reptilian feet plodding backwards through wet sand can be heard as the camera shows a wobbly view of.... Sunny the Togekiss standing on an appropriately sunny Cianwood beach. The water's lapping at the shore, the sky is bright blue, it's totally beautiful.]

[A PERFECT day to test out the new, hard-earned skill gotten from beating Chuck in a furious fist-fight (and some obligatory after-battle arm-wrestling): Fly.]

[Perched precariously on the back of the big white marshmallow-bird is Heather, kneeling and holding onto the thick white plumage with both hands. She's got a determined expression.]

Okay. Let's give it a try. I-- no, Dad, it's gonna be FINE, that's why I'm practicing on the BEACH, remember? Sand is soft!


Ready, girl?

Let's-- oh shit aw HELL--

[With some gentle but powerful WHOMPS, the Togekiss had begun to serenely flap its pillowy wings and take off. ... Without Heather, because Heather has no idea how the hell to ride a flying thing and was promptly jostled off by the wing motion.]

[Touching down again, Sunny trills and lovingly sits upon the face-down Heather like any caring bird mother might with a stupid bird baby that crash-landed after trying to fly.]

... Okay.

This could take a little practice.

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Heather Mason
27 October 2011 @ 10:35 pm
Hey, 'Zilla, you got the 'Gear?

This stuff NEEDS to be documented.

[That's the first thing that can be heard over the feed. When the camera first comes on, a pair of large, familiar reptilian red eyes are blinking down at it. Is it recording...? Oh, okay, recording! Good.]

[Then it zooms out a little, enough to show-- HEY! That's not the Totodile that last hijacked the 'Gear!]

[With newly black-rimmed eyes, a proud red crest, and a new ultra-manly thickened jaw, it would seem that the bratty little Totodile who'd last been seen moping on the network over whether or not he was a good Pokemon... had finally evolved, after a whole year of wanting to stay 'the baby' of the gang. What prompted his choice to finally start growing up?]

[Well, that's a story that'll have to wait till later, because he lets out a satisfied snort at the sight of the red recording light, and then turns it away from himself-- only for the screen to IMMEDIATELY be filled with a grotesquely-detailed rubber Mightyena mask, snarling and sporting a wild mane of black hair over the top!]


[... Oh wait. The black hair is just Heather.]

[She yanks the mask off, grinning widely.]

I can't even handle all these epically cheesy costumes, man. Some things really ARE universal.

[The camera shifts a little-- it's from a much higher vantage-point than normal now, considering all the previous times the camera-croc's been the one filming, it's been from a vantage point on the FLOOR unless he was able to persuade Honey the Butterfree to carry him-- and it becomes apparent that they're in a costume store. There's rack after rack of jumbled costumes everywhere-- looks like it's already been pretty thoroughly ransacked by local kids, but there's still plenty of stuff left. It's just... everywhere.]

[Hanging the mask back up, Heather bends down to start picking through the other odds and ends, which range from cheesy and cheap-looking to actually fairly interesting.]

Maybe this time around, we'll actually get to ENJOY the holiday instead of spend the whole time running away from rips in the fabric of space and time...

[OOC: Action for anybody in Ecruteak, obviously! Feel free to assume your character is already in the shop, Heather will gladly harass them to try on stupid costume crap with her. Also feel free to address the camera-croc.]
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