Heather Mason
20 December 2015 @ 11:00 pm
[There's no particular fanfare or introduction to the video-- it just opens right up on the battlefield of a Gym that anyone who's battled Claire for the final Johto badge before will recognize as Blackthorn's. It's a cavernous space lined with bubbling canals of lava, lighting up the court in fiery orange.]

[Claire stands proudly at the other end, her Gyarados twining sinuously in front of her-- on the other side, well, the trainer isn't visible, but a tiny yellow blot that (upon being zoomed in on, anyway) proves to be a Pikachu with a little chunk of Eviolite on a cord around her neck is standing before it, glaring it down.]

[The battle begins with a bang, with a tidal-wave of water gushing towards the Pikachu and veritable fireworks-show of crackling, branched lightning exploding across the field in reply. And it goes on from there, the meeting of lava and cold water erupting into clouds of steam that obscure the view of it more often than not, the battle turning into a series of dazzling flashes of light, vibrating booms of impact, and the distant cries (low and rumbling from the Gyarados, high and shrill from the Pikachu) of battling Pokemon.]

[It doesn't last long before the Gyarados goes down and the next players come out.]

[Anyone who had responded to the Heather's video about a week back will recognize the next contender as he enters the fray, standing in the smoke and steam with nostrils flared and rudderlike tail ready to swing: it's Godzilla, the workout enthusiast Croconaw.]

[The Kingdra and Dragonite that will follow their fallen compatriot onto the battlefield are both much bigger than he is, but HE HAS SPENT MONTHS PREPARING FOR THIS AND HE IS READY.]

[He doesn't wait for an introduction, either-- just holds out a pudgy webbed hand to accept the high-five that Hazel the Pikachu offers him (she had to jump to reach) as she scampers back to return to her trainer on the sidelines, and then puffs determinedly and charges in to meet his competitor with a frenzy of Crunches and Slashes, leaping and dodging with a surprising amount of agility for something so... well, pear-shaped.]

[This part of the battle is a lot more visible than the first-- Heather and her Pokemon know better than to use water moves against Dragon-types. ... At least for the sake of doing damage.]

[As the defeated Kingdra is drawn back into its Pokeball in a flash of red light, Zilla pauses to wipe sweat from his brow. It's all very dramatic. Battling in a room full of lava really brings out the perspiration!]

[When another flash, this one white, and a bugling cry signal the release of Claire's final fighter, the Croconaw looks over his shoulder, towards the camera. Which then bobs as its holder (or more accurately, the person who the holder is perched on) nods. Then he turns back to the field. He knows just what to do: which is spray a Hydro Pump straight into the nearest lavaflow and create a pillar of steam, which he then dives into as a mighty Dragon Pulse zaps across the arena to leave a small, smoking crater in the spot he'd previously stood. He does this again-- three, four, FIVE more times, leaping from cloud to cloud for cover and bursting out again, further across the field than before.]

[Until finally, with a flash of ice-coated alligator teeth, he leaps for the Dragonite's throat with Ice Fang.]

[It's a critical hit.]

[The pair topples, and an ear-splitting gong ringing out signals the end of the battle. The crowd-- there's always an audience when Claire the Dragonmaster takes on a challenger-- roars and the camera goes shakily sprinting into the arena through the still-wafting steam.]

[There's a soft glow as the Dragonite, like the Gyarados and Kingdra, is withdrawn-- but it doesn't quite fade, even when the other Pokemon is gone...]

[GODZILLA has evolved into FERALIGATR!]
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Heather Mason
[The feed, as per usual when it comes to Heather's Gym Battles, opens from a low vantage point. It's become somewhat tradition for Heather to hand the 'Gear off to one of her able-handed Pokemon so that they can film while she's engaged in the battle.]

[Alessa the Absol is in front, bristling in anticipation of the battle, and Heather, looking more polished than usual but still rougher around the edges than is probably considered appropriate for a big event like this, stands beside her.]

[Above, the golden glass windows mark the gym they're standing in as Saffron.]

[After the 'establishing shot' of Heather and Alessa, the camera jostles around instead to get a more complete view of the arena, with Sabrina now visible on the other end. She's apparently in the middle of giving her usual pre-battle spiel; the nobility of the Psychic type, a brief and succinct history of the Saffron Gym and how it knocked the Dojo next-door well off the playing field...]

[But she cuts herself off with a very knowing look mere seconds before Heather interrupts her with a flat:]

Yeah, yeah.

Let's just get this over with.

[Sabrina nods obligingly (though not without a patronizing 'I knew you were going to do that' smile-- and her Espeon moves into the center of the field along with Alessa.]

Trainers take your positions! )

[The battle's over. There's a smattering of applause and stuff, a loud mechanical voice coming from the general area of the scoreboard and announcing the battle's victor, the usual. Cujo, pleased as punch with himself, has galloped back over to Heather for praise and attention.]

[... But Heather's clapped a hand to her temple, briefly gritting her teeth and shaking her head like it's full of flies. Cujo stops in his tracks and tilts his head in confusion, but it only lasts a second before Heather, ignoring the greetings of those who came to watch her battle, whips around to face the distant Sabrina again.]

Oh, is THAT how this is gonna be?

Real mature.

You think you can scare me with that psychic shit?

[Sabrina, who was still looking somewhat smug despite her loss (apparently at whatever little mental 'parting gift' she'd just sent to Heather), lifts a brow. With a shake of the head, she calls out, calmly:]

You clearly came here with something to prove, Miss Mason.

[Lower jaw jutting out, Heather glares sourly at the Gym Leader.]

Yeah. And I proved it.

Let's go, Cooj.

[She's already started to turn away when Sabrina speaks again.]

I don't believe you have. And neither do you.

[... And then the camera jostles as the cameramon hastily switches it off, apparently anticipating something that may not go particularly well, since Heather has whirled around once more and is marching angrily across the arena towards Sabrina.]

[When the camera comes back on about ten minutes later, it's Heather's face. She still looks somewhat angry, but at least she's calm as she checks the footage.]

Man, screw that noise.

I got the badge, I'm outta here.

Sayonara, Saffron City.

[ooc: To those physically present in the Gym, Heather engaged in a rather heated conversation with Sabrina during the time that the 'Gear was off, but no punches were thrown or anything.]
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Heather Mason
31 July 2011 @ 11:11 pm
[What tiiiiiiiiiiime is it?]


[The feed, as often is the case whenever Heather actually films one of her battles, seems manned by the resident camera-crocodile, and airborne thanks to Honey the ever-patient Butterfree (although not quite as airborne as it was back in Violet City during the victory over Falkner-- Godzilla isn't exactly a little baby anymore...]

[Nonetheless, the fight is filled with the usual combo of snippy one-liners from Heather and NON-STOP ACTION, because man, if it's gonna be broadcast, might as well make it showy! The first half of the battle is largely dominated by Cujo-- but when Jasmine sends out her monstrous Steelix, Heather recalls the pup and turns briefly to the camera to smugly reassure the viewers--]

Cooj totally has this, but it wouldn't be fair to let him have ALL the fun, y'know?

[With a knowing grin, she promptly hucks a different ball onto the field-- releasing a dainty Ponyta.]

GET 'em, Carousel!

[For something that had been a gangly little foal around Christmas, Carousel's done a lot of growing-- which is PARTICULARLY evident in the fight that she proceeds to put up against the metal snake's attacks, prancing and leaping to avoid most of the blows-- Heather had clearly been training her quite a bit during the month or so she'd been in Olivine by now.]

[Although, something a little odd-- which could of course be because of Zilla's filming, the Totodile doesn't exactly have the steadiest hands (claws?) when it comes to holding the camera... but... did Carousel suddenly get quite a bit BIGGER as she came leaping over the Steelix's flaming coils...?]

[... HUH. Well, whaddya know. What lucky timing!]

[As the Steelix comes crashing down to the Gym's sandy floor, rolling feebly to put out the flames, the audience is treated to a very artistic sideways view of the a set of long, snowy legs trotting over to their trainer, who is looking surprisingly NOT triumphant over her victory. In fact, she looks kinda... shell-shocked. Aaaand then the camera swings away again to show the defeated Gym Leader, who fortunately handles these sorts of things a LOT more gracefully than You-Know-Who in Goldenrod...]

My goodness...

[The camera shuffles a short distance away so it can get a good view of both trainers-- Zilla wants to give people the FULL EXPERIENCE, after all!]

That was a quite exciting battle... Did you know your Ponyta was about to evolve?


[Shooting the now-Thoroughbred-sized animal beside her an unsure look, Heather startles sideways slightly when the Rapidash stretches her neck out to nose at the side of her face. Shuffling a step or two to the side, she pats Carousel's nose distractedly, more with the intention of pushing her gently away than anything else.]


Well! What a... lucky coincidence! ... I'm sure you would have done fine anyway, though... your Pokemon are quite the little spitfires! Please, um... take the Mineralbadge. You've earned it!


[Too distracted to even snicker at the unintentional pun, Heather sloooowly steps away from the fiery unicorn and starts to head across the sand towards the camera to claim her prize-- which is where the feed cuts out.]
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Olivine City Gym
Heather Mason
27 March 2011 @ 02:06 am
[It's been months since the last time Heather set foot in the Violet City Gym. And the last time she did? ... Well, the results were a little embarrassing to say the least.]

[This time around, there's no cocky speech from Heather beforehand, no smug, smirky assurances to whatever audience she might have on the network that she'll be winning. She doesn't even film the arched brow and 'Welcome back' that Falkner gives her upon sight, clearly remembering the epic, flaming disaster that was her first challenge.]

[Instead? When the camera comes on, there's only the briefest of shots of her face-- she flicks one hand in a hasty wave and flashes a grin-- before the camera is handed down to someone very short (and blue) and turned towards the arena. ]

[MULTIPLE ANGLES HOLY WOW. The camera-Totodile (who was instructed firmly not to eat the PokeGear) is airborne thanks to Honey the Butterfree, and the battle begins in 3... 2... 1...]

Tune in behind the cut for more footage! )


[ooc: Heather likely informed any friends who told her they'd watch her battle (whether in person or over the network) when she would be challenging Falkner, so feel free to assume they stopped by! Replies and interactions obviously will be made after the battle's over.]
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Heather Mason
[It's cold today. You know that miserable part of winter that comes in the last stretch before spring? It's not that somehow-festive, powdery cold with deep blue nights and busy-but-cheerful days buzzing with anticipation that stretch through December... It's not even the fresh, new whiteness of January.]

[It's that dismal, perpetual grayness that fogs up February. You know the kind. The days are dark, the streets are full of slush, and the sidewalks are covered in black ice. It's just as cold as December, but it's somehow worse because at least in December you've got that tingly holiday feeling to keep you warm. February, on the other hand, has nothing to look forward to and it lasts forever.]

[Everybody hates February.]

[But when the feed clicks on, it's NOT outside-- it's already in the brightly-lit gym of Goldenrod City, and the camera is.... roughly at knee-level, and conveniently pointed straight at what appears to be a Miltank udder. Because that's how tall Godzilla is and lol what is that thing it's funny-lookin' and he's apparently not aware that UDDERS ARE NOT WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO LOOK AT.]

[In the background, there's a sound that should be VERY familiar now to anyone who's been watching the network recently--]

BWUUHHHHUHUHUHUHAAWHWHHHH! AHAWWWHHUH, y-ou-- you-- you meanie! Y-youhuhuh can't-- you just-- .... y-you're always so MEAN!  
[The camera's shifting and Whitney's white-shoed feet are pacing back and forth fitfully as she cries.]

[Heather's voice cuts in from somewhere above. It's even and level-headed, but there's an underlying quiver that anyone who's known Heather for any length of time will recognize as being a sign that she is physically restraining herself from strangling somebody.]

Look-- lady-- ... girl-- thing, during that battle, I deliberately refrained from being mean because every friggin' time I come in here, you're fucking CRYING EVERYWHERE.

I KNOW! I r-ruh-remember you, y-you always c-come in here to w-watch your MEAN FRIENDS and then y-you c-call me a BABY!

... Well, you are!


I CAN'T, you haven't given me the freakin' badge-- AND WILL YOU STOP CRYING?!


Oh, for fuck's sa--

[The feed jitters to a soundless halt around that point-- Godzilla hit a wrong button and muted the sound. However, as the minutes pass, it looks like Whitney's calming down-- consoled by her girlfriends and probably a (VERY) grudging effort on Heather's part. As this happens, the camera shifts around occasionally-- showing a battered-looking but serene Honey, an irate Arty licking at two big flat sections of her fur (during the battle, she was a Rollout Victim (tm)), and Cujo, as derpy as ever.]

[And then, the sound comes back on-- what's this? Heather sounds even pissier than she was when Whitney was crying!]

-ok, I don't care if you have a really good hairstylist, I am not here for a haircut. I don't care that I have split ends and I don't care that my roots are showing. I am here because you won't give me my freakin' badge.

WELL. I just thought that I'd offer some advice because you clearly were raised in an environment where nobody taught you how to take care of your own personal hygie--

[Heather's voice is tinged with absolute disbelief.] I am not-- I'm not even listening to this. This is bullshit.

You're friends with that girl with the gorgeous pigtails! How could you possibly be friends with her and still have such an atrocious haircu--

For friggin'-- MY HAIR IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Give. Me. The badge. Or I will--

[She pauses, probably looking over her shoulder-- quite a few of her friends showed up to watch and, being much better people that she is, several of them are probably giving her VERY MEANINGFUL GLANCES RIGHT ABOUT NOW. With a deep sigh, she evidently turns back to Whitney.]

Okay. Look. I'm sorry that I'm a huge mean asshole with awful hair. Now, will you please give me the badge?

[Whitney brightens up visibly on the camera and completely ignores the badge request.]

So you admit it? YAY! Anyway, like I was saying about my stylist, he's great with hopeless cases, and seriously, I don't think you'll be able to find anyone else who can handle your hopeless case, I mean, seriously, it's that hopeless, no offense or anything, it's not like it's your fault, and--

I'd go to your stylist... [Heather's voice is dangerously low.] ... if I wanted to look like a tool.

[Whitney falls silent. Her expression is that of a well-meaning but tactless teenage girl who was only trying to help. The camera zooms in on her face slowly. Her eyes... are welling up with tears again.]

... oh motherf--

[TEXT to Phoenix and Snake, sent hastily as she's coming off the battlefield-- both are in the stands.]

Dave, Phoenix-- you guys okay with leaving tomorrow?

Im packed.

[OOC: Action for anyone who went to see Heather battle! She probably asked several of her closest friends if they'd like to come, considering she was about to leave Goldenrod for a spell.
For the watchers, the battle was intense and fairly close, but Heather stuck it out in the end. Honey's Stun Spore was integral.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Goldenrod City Gym
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Heather Mason
[ooc: Backdated to earlier on the 14th.]

[When the PokeGear comes on, all it shows at first is a dizzying view of the dirt and pebble as Heather walks, fiddling with the grip on the device until she can hold it up to show the slightly-pudgy Growlithe trotting alongside her, pink tongue lolling out.]

Okay, Cooj.

As of twenty minutes from now, we are officially free.

No more warrant, no more hiding out, no more nothing. Our slates will be wiped clean. What do you say to that?


Truer words never spoken.

[There, the motion suddenly stopped and the camera swiveled around and upwards to show that they had arrived at their destination. Cue worm's-eye view of the front facade of the Azalea Town Gym, crowned with a nice blue sky. Heather couldn't have asked for a better morning for her warrant to expire.]

[... Except that it apparently wasn't expired yet? ... Wait, then why was she in town? ..... Oh no. Heather. No.]

All right, ladies and gents, it's time for me to blow this popsicle stand and get outta here. But first, there's oooone last thing I gotta do.

[The camera turned back down to Cujo, whose tail was waggling furiously.]

All right, Cooj. What's our strategy?


That's right, be badass mofos. Are we gonna pull that strategy off?


Damn right we're gonna pull it off. The rest of the guys might not be with us right now, but you and me can handle it. Let's do this!

Now say hi to all the beautiful men and women out here who might be watching this.

[Cujo responded with another resounding WOOF, punctuating it with a little hop of the front legs and flop of his overgrown mane.]

That's my good boy.

Now let's kick some ass.

[The doors opened.]

[Bugsy was a pretty chill dude. Which wasn't too surprising, because... c'mon. Bugs. There was something just sort of relaxing about the concept of a boy and his dog giant killer praying mantis relaxing together on a nice bright morning with sunlight shining in through the big Gym windows.]

[Too bad he wouldn't be able to relax for long.]

[The camera jiggled insistently from where Heather was keeping it propped on her shoulder. She threw out one pointing arm in a cliche I CHALLENGE YOU pose. Because... let's be honest. You all know you've wanted to do that at least once in your life.]

Hey! Hey you!

[Bugsy looked up from his book and sized her up with a slightly exasperated look on his face. She couldn't much blame him. It was probably near his lunch break. He looked her up and down, then paused, one brow arching.]

... Aren't you one of the people the police put a warning out about a couple weeks ago?

[Heather paused. UM.]

Uhhh.... for the sake of this conversation, no.

[... Bugsy glanced at the big clock on the wall-- one of those stadium ones that every Gym had.]

... Uh. [Awkward smile.] ... You do know those warrants expire in about twenty minutes, right?

Yeah, but... where's the fun in waiting?

[... Bugsy considered this, then smiled in a half-amused, half-"... really?" fashion as he got up, brushing grass off the seat of his shorts.]

You want to battle me, then?

[Heather grinned a toothy grin that wasn't visible on-camera, but you could hear it plain and clear in her voice.]

Well I'm sure not here as a tourist!


... And neither is he. [She jerked the camera at Cujo.]

All right, but... don't blame me if someone with a police badge walks in here during the battle...

Heh, like that'd happen... [What reason would the police have to come into a Gym, pshaw.]

[Bugsy reached to his bag and withdrew a Pokeball, weighing it briefly in his hand before hurling it high in the air.]

SCIZOR! Swords Dance!

[Sunlight from the windows glinted off of the chitinous red exoskeleton of the giant mantis as it emerged from the Pokeball, wings buzzing with the hum equivalent of a hundred bees' nests. Blades flashing, it dove.]

[But guess who did her research this time around?]




Five minutes later... )
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