Heather Mason
16 July 2014 @ 02:18 pm
[There is no text.]

[Only this image is posted to the network.]

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Yo, this is where I'm at: Lake of Rage
Heather Mason
09 July 2014 @ 08:50 pm
[It's been a few weeks since Heather's terse text post regarding her father-- hardly the longest period of time she's gone in between network posts, but she certainly hasn't been overly talkative.]

[When the video comes on though, it's partially obscured by a fuzzy blue blob-- the 'Gear has been placed on a clothes rack, pointed to view the next aisle over. Specifically, it's showing the back of a shaggy brown head. Henry Townshend, taciturn photography and unsuspecting victim, is slowly picking his way through a rack of swim trunks.]

[Amid the jangling of clothes-hangers, something appears in the corner of the screen.]

[That something is a pair of hands, and between them-- stretched like a rubber band-- is a Speedo.]

[There is a pregnant pause, probably for the sake of letting the network audience take it all in.]

[Then the hands let it fly.]

[Henry lets out a howl and claps a hand to his head as the speedo bounces off of it with a rubbery twang.]


[The camera jostles and the feed ends.]
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