Heather Mason
16 July 2014 @ 02:18 pm
[There is no text.]

[Only this image is posted to the network.]

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Heather Mason
27 May 2011 @ 11:13 pm
[They say the only city with food better than Goldenrod is Olivine.]

[But after those two (or was it three? The frantic digging of trenches and building of miniature barricades against the tides had made them rush past in a blur) days spent spitting out saltwater and getting dirty in the muddy spray of the 'line of fire', Heather was pretty sure that even the crappiest hot meal would taste like edible heaven.]

[The diner next to the Pokemon Center is small, crowded, and smells like wet Pokemon, but it's a nice respite from the last vestiges of the dying storm outside.]

[An UTTERLY filthy Cujo is lying under the table like an enormous slug, letting out groaning dog snores. Having done the bulk of Heather's digging himself (she couldn't exactly wield a decent shovel without popping the stitches on that arm), he's completely tuckered out after all that excitement. Now relatively dry and warm (though still muddy) and full of food that had been graciously provided by the diner's owner (on account of him being a "hardworking doggie, whozzagoodboy!"), Cujo was all too happy to just lie there and provide a nice footrest for his trainer's aching feet.]

[Heather, for her part, has her head down on the table when the feed comes on, although after an admonishing "Heather, you're getting mud on the tablecloth," from an off-screen Harry, she lifts it again with a groan.]

[As the camera turns, there's a dizzying spin of color, but a couple of glimpses of the fish and chips on the table-- and the sulking, muzzled-and-leashed Totodile sitting on one of the chairs. Then the focus settles on Heather's face. It's smudged as all hell and her hair has that wiry blown-away look that only someone who's been standing out in a stiff ocean wind can achieve.]

So yeah, uh...

For anyone who didn't take the Road Trip From Hell all the way up here to Olivine, in case you haven't heard it from somebody else yet, things are A-OK, looks like.

The weather's dying down and the ocean's receding.

... And, uh... stuff.

[Looking a little distracted for a second, she glances off-screen and mumbles.]

Hey Dad, can I borrow one of those notebooks for a sec? ... Thanks.

[There's a brief rustle of paper as she takes something from the other side of the table an uncaps a pen with her teeth, tucking the cap up in the corner of her mouth. There's sounds of scribbling as she continues to talk, her eyes looking down at something below the screen.]

So anyway... once the rain's all gone, Dad'n I might take off again... There's no way we're gettin' on that stupid bus, though. I think I prefer taking a hike to trying to cheat death every time something big enough to crash into comes into the windshield's view...

But yeah, uh, in the meantime, if any of you're still working out there, pack it up and come try this diner out, the french fries are awesome.

And I kinda wanna see how many people can pack into this place before it explodes.

[And with her usual cheeky smirk, she waves a bandaged hand gingerly at the camera and ends the feed there.]

[Once she tucks the 'Gear back into her bag, she leans back in her seat, looking down at her notepad. The diner's so cheerfully noisy that probably only those directly nearby, whoever they may be, can hear what she mumbles to herself.]

So... guess Johto has gods, after all.

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Heather Mason

 [Johto had gotten a brief taste of summer, but it looked like they were subject to belated April showers for awhile longer...]

[Normally Heather wouldn't mind so much-- being cooped up did make her a little stir-crazy, but it just meant the sun's next appearance would be all the more satisfying-- but she'd kind of wanted to, y'know, keep showing her dad the NEW WORLD they were currently inhabiting. Oh well. Stuck in the hotel for the time being, it looks like.]

[Besides, she's... got another matter to think about right now.]

Bet you'd get along with Butch...

[She pats the enormous pink hide of the drowsy Slowbro lying on the carpeted floor next to her absent-mindedly, watching the rain trickle down the window. On one of the plush seats scattered in various locations around the lobby, Godzilla sprawls, looking a little sulky-- sulkier than usual, even. But then, it's nothing new for him to be a little petulant.]

[As for Heather, she looks sort of thoughtful, and a little melancholy, when she addresses the network. The rain today is ... somehow appropriate.]

Hey, so...

I don't know if anyone else here really... uh, knew him, but... James S-- .... Sunderland disappeared sometime pretty recently. He left a bunch of his Pokemon behind... um... I guess if anyone knew him and uh... wants to take care of one of 'em...

[She gives Pinky-- ugh, Pinky, what a lame name... she won't change it, out of respect for James, but maybe she'll call him something a little less... doofy. Pink, maybe. Like Pink Floyd!-- another pat on the head. The big Pokemon rumbles sleepily.]

[Meanwhile, Godzilla glares over from behind Heather in a generally surly manner. He's been getting shunted aside in favor of all these new Pokemon lately and he doesn't like it. AND he's hungry AND his head is kinda hurting AND he's bored and wants attention. >8( He lets out a huff, which goes unnoticed by Heather, who continues talking.]

Anyway, he and his wife are both gone now. He didn't... talk a whole lot, so I guess it's probably safe to say not many people knew hi-- cut it out, Zilla, I'm doin' something.

[The Totodile, which had been pawing slightly at the hem of her vest, withdraws with a surly expression. HMPH.]

But yeah.

James's gone.

Otherwise... uh, how about this weather, huh?

[Godzilla lets out a squeaky snarl, covering his ear-holes with a wince. UGH. Everything is making him so MAD right now. Especially the fact that he's being blown off! His trainer is so MEAN!]

[So mean.]

[It happens very quickly. There's a flash of ivory teeth as the strong-jawed crocodile Pokemon suddenly surges out of his seat and clamps his jaws down with an awful snap around Heather's bare elbow.]

[The girl's face goes from casual to shocked in the space of a split second before the 'Gear goes flying.]


[ooc: Action replies can either be in the Goldenrod hotel lobby or in the Pokemon Center ten or fifteen minutes after the broadcast!]
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Heather Mason
01 April 2011 @ 05:11 pm

[This is what one might see if they are outside on April Fool's Day in the fine city of Goldenrod.]

[When Heather set out from Violet, she did it with a vengeance-- making it to her destination in record time purely by force of will. .... Well, okay. Snake and Solid the Onix helped out a little too. But REGARDLESS, it looks like she made it just in time for the stormclouds to come rolling in.]

[Johto, you been PUNK'D.]

[By the time the lobby doors to the big hotel she had left about two months before slide open and Heather staggers inside, she's thoroughly drenched and gasping. Not even sprinting through the deluge (which had blown in fast, as deluges often do-- the last quarter-mile to Goldenrod had been a mad dash to try and beat the roiling sky. She hadn't made it.]

[Spluttering and dripping everywhere, Heather stumbles into the lobby, letting the doors slide shut behind her to be drummed on incessantly by the big fat raindrops.]

[Cujo, who looks surprisingly happy for a Fire type about being wet, prances in alongside her and proceeds (much to the disdain of the bellboy who had started over to her with the intention of offering her a towel, only to quickly change his mind when he saw what was about to happen) to SHAKE. OFF. EVERYWHERE. And with a coat as shaggy as his? Fur could hold half its weight in water. Once he's finished, he happily goes gambolling off across the lobby to re-investigate the potted plants that he hasn't seen in a month or two. SUP PLANTS.]

[Heather, meanwhile, is doing some shake-drying of her own, sluicing water off of her hair vigorously. BRRRRRRRR. The bellboy is crying on the inside.]


When they say April showers bring May flowers, but I didn't expect it to hit on the first, on the DOT.... Cooj, if you 'mark' those potted plants and get us thrown out into the rain, I will leave you in a box on someone's doorstep.

[Now giving the dripping coat that she'd been using as an (ineffective) umbrella a shake (in the bellboy's mind, Heather's threat level went from amber to red) or two, she grabbed up the strap to her bag and started to drag it towards the thankfully-carpeted sitting area, leaving a big watery trail the whole way (WHY COULDN'T HE HAVE GONE ON TO BE A SPORTS ANNOUNCER LIKE HIS MOTHER WANTED INSTEAD OF BEING A BELLBOY SOB).]

[Once there, Heather popped down into a squat on the carpet, whistling for Cujo while she rummaged in her pockets for the Pokeballs containing her companions.]

Boy, sure am glad I decided to take Alvaro with me... Sure hope these things are waterproof. [Fearing that shoving the orphaned Cubone into a BOX right off the bat would damage its fragile emotional state even MORE, Heather had opted to take him with her. Here's hoping that decision wouldn't bite her in the butt. At least Carousel had been box'd-- Heather had already witnessed the wonder that was a drenched Ponyta trying to re-ignite its mane and she wasn't sure her already-shot nerves could take the stress of watching a pony shed sparks everywhere.]

Good, nobody fell outta my pocket-- hey, Claudy, c'mon, get outta there, I gotta check on my stuff...

[Tossing the bag's flap open, she ushers the damp, ruffled-looking owl out of the bag. Claudy picks her way delicately onto the carpet and fluffs up to about twice her size before starting to preen unconcernedly. Heather watches the display with a roll of her eyes.]

Y'know, if you'd just go in the ball like a NORMAL Pokemon, that bag would've weighed like half as much. Probably would've been able to beat the rain if I hadn't had to lug YOU around, too... Man, my 'Gear better not be busted...

[She reached into the bag to fish around for the contraption in question-- ... and stops.]

.... Claudy, what the fuck, did you cough up a pellet the size of GOD in here or--

.... Oh.

.... What the--


[The camera turns on. Its feed is focused first on Claudy's head. She's grooming something, but all that can be seen for the moment is her feathers as they bob up and down.]

This.... this is an owl.

[The camera shifts away from the Noctowl and over to the bag, giving a nice view of the inside of Heather's bag (partially emptied so that her stuff could dry. Littering the bottom of the bag are crushed fragments of eggshell.]

Owls lay eggs.

[And then... then the camera zooms out a little, and moves back over to Claudy-- who can now be seen in full, contentedly preening a damp, squeaking little Eevee with ears about the same size as its body.]

That is not a baby owl.

[The camera turns around, onto a confused and slightly-disturbed-looking Heather. Her hair is still plastered wetly down around her face.]

I... I think I was just pranked by Mother Nature.

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Heather Mason
27 January 2011 @ 01:30 am
[The feed opens out on the expansive city skyline, though the slight reflection of the PokeGear shows that, thankfully, there's a panel of glass in between it and the unholy winter storm raging outside. It's nothing compared to that blizzard from last month in terms of whiteout-- the buildings outside, lit up brightly as usual, are still perfectly visible, but the low, gutteral moaning of the wind and the occasional pulsing flash far off in the roiling skies-- tumbling with clouds of that weird velvety orange-gray color only seen in the thickest of snowstorms-- indicate that it is not a pleasant night to be outside.]

Screw my shift, man. I'm not goin' in tonight.

The ol' bat can kiss my ass.

[There's a low rumble of thunder and a clump of buildings off on far side of the city go dark.]

Ugh. See?

Screw that. I'm staying in my room.

[... Well, she might go and bother what few of her friends remained in the hotel. ... Though it was a dwindling number, lately. It made the enormous city seem surprisingly lonely. She'd gotten used to having most of her buddies within walking distance and it was funny how quickly it had seemed normal. Ah, well. She'd already known she took things for granted... at least they were still in Johto.]

[Though it did make her wonder if she really wanted to stay in the city much longer. ... The old wander gene was kicking in, and then there was the arrival of a certain prominent figure (although they'd never formally met...) from Heather's past...]

[The feed lingers on the window for a moment or two before the camera-holder seems to snap out of her thoughtfulness and turns away, transforming the scene into a brief, ugly blur of floral hotel wallpaper.]

Anyway. Anyone else in the hotel hungry? Maybe we can pool a little money and order some epic room service, because like hell am I gonna try and go out to eat tonight.

.... Oh yeah, and-- heh.

[The camera turns once more from where Heather's flopped down on the bed and shows.... this.]

... I think being cooped up indoors makes them restless.


[PRIVATE Voice Message to Cybil Bennett]

It's, uh-- ... it's Cheryl.

I hope you got somewhere sheltered because this storm's a real doozy. Have you made it to Cherrygrove yet?

Anyway, uh...

... Listen. I'm probably gonna be heading out of town soon and backtracking to Violet City. Which is... probably on your destination list if you're goin' the usual way.

[There's a brief pause. Heather sounds almost humorously sheepish and unsure. To anyone already familiar with her usual cocky way of talking, it'd probably almost sound adorable how uncertain she was. But really could you blame her after what had happened when the last person she knew from back home showed up? This was a big deal and she didn't wanna fuck it all up.]

Do you... I dunno, wanna meet up for coffee or something while I'm there?
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Heather Mason
09 August 2010 @ 09:19 pm
[It's brief. Heather turns the camera on directed at her face-- she's holding up her broken-ass umbrella to shield herself from the drizzle. James and Harry cannot be seen, but their voices are in the background.]

Finally got back.

As usual, the heat breaks as soon as we get somewhere with air conditioning... and it starts to rain as soon as I walk into Violet. S'deja vu all over again.

We'd better not get another flood.

Anyway, m'back. Sorry for taking forever. [If she wasn't so tired and miserable, she'd have made some kind of quip about James being the one to slow them all down, but she doesn't have the oomph.]

Gonna crash in the inn, I think.

Be nice to see y'all again.

[There's more than a few people she meant to address specifically, but upon thinking it over, she decides napping is a better choice for the moment. So the camera flicks off.]

Private Text to Otacon:

I'm back. Does Liquid know Snake is here yet? Is everyone okay?

[ooc: Just figured I'd get one last post in before I left. See you guys, I'll be in contact!]
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Heather Mason
08 July 2010 @ 02:23 pm
[The feed cuts in on one very unhappy-looking Heather Mason. Her cheeks are flushed, her nose is red, her eyes are sore-looking, she's wrapped in a blanket, and her hair is sticking straight up into the air on one side, like she'd been asleep with her face smashed against the wall for hours or something (note: she had). Her voice sounds stuffed-up and occasionally she's sniffling. The rescue efforts, combined with the fact that she went wading after those runaway eggs like a moron, rewarded her with a very lovely cold. She's crouched in one of the squishy pink seats in the lobby of the Pokemon Center, in the corner. Judging from the noise level and the occasional jostling, it looks like the crowd in there hasn't dissipated. In the wake of the flood, the place is hopping with activity.]

Hey guys. I am trapped, running a mild fever, and am in need of some form of escape from reality. Since there's apparently no such thing as video games here and my head hurts too much to try and read, you guys are my source of relief. Hi.

Ever since a certain.... um... bathing incident, I'm not allowed to let several of my Pokemon out of their Balls-- .... heh. 'Balls'.-- ... yeah. So I don't even have them for company. ... Except for--

[The camera swivels around and settles to focus shakily on the bucket of water that's on the floor by her feet. Half-submerged in the bucket is a Magikarp. It's perfectly motionless aside from the continuous opening and closing of its mouth, and its glassy, vacant eyes are set straight on Heather, in a completely blank gaze that is either murderous or adoring, she can't even tell. Either way, it's creeping her out.]

That. And it won't stop staring at me.

[She turns the camera to face herself again, making a slightly aggravated face.]

That is so not a Dratini, Kairi. I am disappoint.

... On the other hand![She puts the 'Gear down on her lap so that everyone has a very nice close-up view of the pink, lint-covered surface of the blanket, and proceeds to rummage in what was presumably her bag, sitting on the seat next to her. There's rustling noises, a slightly indignant squawk, and a mumble of 'Sorry, Claudy...' from Heather, before she picks up the camera again and holds an Egg in front of it.]

I found this, too. Anyone know what the hell it is? I'd rather avoid any surprises this time.

.... Oh. And uh... one last thing.

Given... the flooding, and the fact that a bunch of people were... warped or something to ... various places, I kinda wanna ask... uh.

Well. Not that I'm a big organizer or anything, but...

... Can everyone who gets this transmission tell me where they are?

Even if it's just a little text message with the location, I don't really care. I'm just curious. [... And a little worried. As she's said to many, she really doesn't want to hear about a body-count once the flooding subsides...]

.... I hope everybody's safe.

[The feed ends.]

[ooc: Feel free to action if you're in the Violet Pokemon Center and your char wants to find Heather's cramped little corner!]
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Heather Mason
05 July 2010 @ 03:57 pm
[The entry is dated as having been sent out the previous evening, roughly when she said she'd be reporting back to begin with.]

[Despite Heather's best efforts, her Pokegear got pretty wet in the adventure, so video and voice is out.]

[There's nothing in the transmission but a picture:
Heather, along with three others-- Kay, Luke, and Rhode-- all of them looking wet (three guesses as to where THEY were for the past few hours!), exhausted, and bedraggled, but nonetheless relieved, are among the milling crowd in Violet City's brightly-lit Pokemon Center, which as expected has been packed to the brim with relief efforts and people seeking shelter. Heather has a towel around her shoulders and is presumably holding up the Pokegear to snap the photo. She's wearing a weary grin and doing the classic thumbs-up gesture with her free hand.]

[Along with the photo, there's a caption:]

Mission Accomplished.
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Heather Mason
04 July 2010 @ 11:20 am
Video function's still acting screwy.

I'm staying in the Violet Center but I'd like to mention to ANYONE still dumb enough to be out in this weather that you should get somewhere with shelter NOW. .... and that 'dumb' part only applies to people who aren't actually STUCK (but totally will be soon if you stay out there), sorry dudes, I know YOU guys can't help it.

James... I'm sure you're still in Cherrygrove and aren't enough of a dumbass to leave now, but if you get this message, sit tight, all right? It's bad out there.

[Heather doesn't need to lose the only member of that 'secret club'.]

... Anyway, I'M going out. Otacon, buddy, don't say a word.

If any of you are on Route 31 close to the city, tell me and I'll try to get to you.

If you're still multiple days away, though, your best option might be to hang tight and wait.

Bringing rope and umbrellas, and possibly makeshift flotation devices.

Hope to see some of you guys soon.
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Heather Mason
01 July 2010 @ 08:06 pm
[When the screen comes on, it's pointed straight at the sky-- specifically, at the deep, smoke-gray thunderheads starting to roll in. The foliage just peeking over the bottom of the screen's view is whipping around in a frenzy, buffeted by the foreboding winds that have sprung up in the face of the storm.]

[Heather's voice then cuts in over the roar of weather. She's YELLING to make herself heard.]

Can you BELIEVE this!?

Can you friggin' believe this?!

All day yesterday I'm slogging along through the heat and then the moment I get to the city to actually chill around in civilization, THIS happ--

[A handful or so of wet leaves is quite suddenly plastered against the camera lens. Thank you, 60 mph wind. Thank you]

[... And apparently Heather was hit in the face by several, too.]

PLHHHFFLT! If I have to spend another week sitting in the Pokemon Center in order not to drown, I am gonna...... oh boy.

[Aaaand here comes the rolling wall of pure downpour. The camera turns sharply and any viewers still watching are treated to a tilta-whirl of grass, dirt, a running Sentret, and occasionally Heather's boots as she high-tails it away from the rain. THAT'S RIGHT, HEATHER. IF YOU RUN FAST ENOUGH, YOU CAN OUTRUN NATURE.]

[Eventually the video feed cuts out.]
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Heather Mason
15 June 2010 @ 04:25 am
[It's dark-- lit softly by only the glowing computer screens on the counter and there's not much to be heard at first except for the rain just pelting down against the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center's windows. It's always a little crowded in the Centers, but it looks like it's at that witching hour where just about everyone-- trainers, their Pokemon, the nurses-- has either drifted into sleep or drifted into corners on their own to partake in whatever quiet activities they might want to on a depressing, rainy night.]

[Heather slumped behind the counter, just sort of watching the screen at first to make sure it's on, before speaking in a sort of hushed tone. She doesn't look too happy. Worried, actually.]

Been awhile since I talked to this thing. Anyway, I've been working at the Cherrygrove Center for some cash-- run into quite a few of you and stuff, so it's been cool. I was kinda bummed about being stuck here working, but I sure don't regret it now... If there's not flooding of Biblical proportions outside by tomorrow, I'll eat my boots.

And did you all get a load of that hail a little while ago? Intense.

[She trails off there, realizing there wasn't much of a point to this whole transmission. She was just kind of rambling-- and bothering other people because she couldn't sleep. She kept telling herself it was just the pounding rain that was making her uneasy, but the truth was, that wasn't really it at all.]

[She looks down briefly-- the screen doesn't show it but her Pokemon are curled up at her feet behind the counter.]

... Anyway... S'late but I'm bored and don't feel like sleeping. Think I'm gonna make some tea.

[... A pause.]

... I don't even like tea. That much. ... Oh well. If anybody else is in town and wants some, I won't be able to drink all of it so come on over to the Center and we'll have a fuckin' tea party.

And it'll be awesome.

[She doesn't really expect anybody to come, she was just throwin' that out there. In case anyone in some corner she hadn't noticed was checking their messages and had a sudden hankering for hot leaf water and company that would probably be grumpy and unsettled.

And of COURSE she's not addressing the real reasons she's so jittery out loud.]


[ooc: If your character's in Cherrygrove or the Center itself, feel free to have your character be chillin' there in person!]
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