Heather Mason
27 October 2015 @ 02:13 am
[The camera comes on.]

[There is a very fluffy-looking Heather Mason, along with a small army of Fire-types (Cujo the Growlithe, along with Carousel the Rapidash and two enormous Houndooms) + one Pikachu.]

[She is wearing a pair of sunglasses.]

[So is one of the Houndooms.]

[She looks dead into the camera and speaks.]

I'm gonna melt Ice Path.

[And the feed ends.]


[... Or not.]

[The camera is on again, showing a very concerned electric rodent. Hazel the Pikachu gnaws on her lip slightly as she focuses the video, then turns it to show the so-called Ice Path melter a short distance down the snowy mountain path.]

[Apparently instincts are a thing.]
I'm feeling: energetic
Yo, this is where I'm at: Route 44