Heather Mason
[She'd been lucky enough to be spared the effects of the past three weeks. BUT SHE'S NOT SO LUCKY THIS TIME.]

[The video opens on her already walking hurriedly down a surburban Goldenrod street towards the downtown area. IF SHE JUST KEEPS MOVING, MAYBE SHE WON'T HAVE TO TALK TO ANYBODY ELSE TODAY.]

[But just in case, she's hoping she can stave off karma catching up with her by making a quick confession to the network.]


So anyone who was here like a year ago and wondered about the weird black eye I had that one time?

I lied.

I didn't get it in a fight with a dude 'the size of Kentucky' like I claimed.

Actually, I just walked into a glass door because I was thinking about how much I wanted a Pumpka-spice latte from Sawsbucks and I was too embarrassed to tell anybody.

[The camera then turns abruptly to the sky.]

THERE! You happy, weird Pokemon gods? I said something embarrassing! Now leave me alone!

[The video ends.]

[Spoiler alert: she is not going to be left alone.]

[ooc: For action threads, feel free to tag in with your character ANYWHERE AROUND THE CITY.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Anywhere in Goldenrod City
Heather Mason
10 December 2015 @ 12:41 pm
[Time for a nice view of the snowy rooftops of Blackthorn!]

[Heather's out on an upper-floor balcony somewhere-- probably a training gym judging by the fact that she's in some kind of dorky jogging suit and wearing a towel over her shoulder rather than her normal getup. Her breath steams in the air in front of her as she rubs her hands together to warm them up.]

HEEEEY, ladies and gents.

So I'm, uh, here getting ready to battle Claire in a few days, and--

[A slightly pudgy, pebbled blue arm pops into the frame from off-camera, tugging insistently at Heather's sleeve.]

--I know, relax, dude. I'm gettin' to it.

Yeah, so we're pretty worn out, but uh... if anyone's got any tips on beating Dragon-types, feel free to lay 'em on me. Already know about the Ice weakness, so don't worry, we got that covered.

[There's a honky croak, and then her Croconaw's face shoves in from the right, chuffing impatiently and anxiously all at once. Heather leans away, planting a hand on his nose to stop it from knocking the 'Gear right over.]

OKAY, okay!


So Zilla here filmed some of our workout and wants-- I don't know, what do you want? Advice? Okay. Advice. So I'm gonna attach the video here, and like... I dunno, let him know how he's doing? He's kinda worried that he's not ready to take Claire on, but he's been training, like, super hard, so I personally think he's gonna be fine-- [Godzilla lets out another indignant honk and nearly bowls Heather over in an attempt to cover her mouth-- somehow despite being a coldblooded reptile, he seems to be blushing furiously.]

[Heather leans away again, laughing.]

OKAY! Holy shit, dude, I'm not trying to embarrass you, I'm just bein' honest!


Just, if anybody wants to watch the video and reassure this bonehead that he's doing fine, go for it. Save me from the endless late nights spent with him shoving battle tutorials from StarYoutube in my face.

[VIDEO ATTACHED: zillatrainingmontage.wmv]
[AUDIO ATTACHED: eyeofthepyroar.mp3]

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Heather Mason
27 October 2015 @ 02:13 am
[The camera comes on.]

[There is a very fluffy-looking Heather Mason, along with a small army of Fire-types (Cujo the Growlithe, along with Carousel the Rapidash and two enormous Houndooms) + one Pikachu.]

[She is wearing a pair of sunglasses.]

[So is one of the Houndooms.]

[She looks dead into the camera and speaks.]

I'm gonna melt Ice Path.

[And the feed ends.]


[... Or not.]

[The camera is on again, showing a very concerned electric rodent. Hazel the Pikachu gnaws on her lip slightly as she focuses the video, then turns it to show the so-called Ice Path melter a short distance down the snowy mountain path.]

[Apparently instincts are a thing.]
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Heather Mason
26 September 2015 @ 10:10 pm
[There's a split second shot of a cup of coffee and some blurry cherry pie before the view jerks upwards to settle on the filmer's face.]


Let's talk Gym Leaders.

[Heather looks a little tired and haggard around the edges from her seat in an old-fashioned Mahogany diner booth, next to a Pikachu that's busily nibbling on a plate of shortbread biscuits, but not so much that it eats into her intensity on camera. THE TIME HAS COME TO SEEK WISDOM FROM THE MASSES.]

I'm gonna be taking Pryce on soon, so if anyone's fought him before or knows anything juicy about his strategies, gimme the scoop. I already know about the ice-covered floor, but he looks like a sneaky motherfucker.

Anyone know if that old geezer's got any other tricks up his sleeve?
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Heather Mason
[What a lovely morning!]

[It's the crack of dawn, the Pidgeys are twittering, sprinklers next door are turning on and occasionally shooting water over the fence and into the pool, making the two Sharpedo living back there swim around in mingled excitement and panic. What a time to be alive.]

[Wait a minute.]

[God dammit.]

[ooc: This is a bit of a catch-all, feel free to assume your character is running into Heather ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. They don't have to respond specifically to the Sewer Fairy, although she will be following Heather around and popping up in inopportune places.]
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Heather Mason

[The screen is fuzzy at first. It's a little hard to tell just what it IS, but- oh it's the floor. The camera's lying on its side. A chair is on its side, too, along with some other scattered objects. A broken plate is one of them. It's hard to tell how much damage was done, but everything looks pretty shaken up after that big quake.]


[Heather's somewhat-distorted voice comes from offscreen, and then a pair of sideways boots appears.]


[They turn towards the camera-- and then approach. Heather bends down and picks the 'Gear up, dusting it off as the view arrives shakily on her face.]

Oh hey-- I was wondering where this went.

That was-- holy shit, that was intense.

Everybody okay out there?

[She moves as she talks, gesturing over her shoulder at the room-- for the past few weeks, she's been in Goldenrod, staying Envy, Greed and Lust in their house along with Henry. It's the first time she's BEEN in a house in.... a really long time, actually.]

[It's pretty nice.]

[But what isn't nice is...]

I'm looking for-- like, all my Pokemon are present and accounted for except for three and they're the new babies. The swarm ones who showed up last month. I've been lookin' everywhere for them and-- what?

[She looks over her shoulder in response to a muffled shout from somewhere else in the house.]


I'll-- hang on, I'll be right there.

[She shuts the 'Gear and the feed ends.]


[There's tons of swarm Pokemon migrating to WHERE?!]

[After finding twin sets of pawprints outside along the earth that WASN'T jittered around too badly by the earthquake, it's fairly obvious where her missing Pokemon went.]

[Among the general chaos that is the inside of Shark House, Heather can be found hurriedly packing her bag, stuffing clothes and food into it.]
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Heather Mason
23 April 2014 @ 06:48 pm

[The Noctowl's exasperation and general disapproval pretty much radiates off the screen.]

[It's a nice day in one of the small parks that are scattered on the outskirts of Mahogany (before it turns into forested, mountainous terrain, anyway), and this video broadcast from the 'Gear of one Heather Mason is showing a pair of Murkrow out to corrupt an innocent young Eevee. ... Or, you know, they just want to play and Claudy is living up to her reputation by being an old bag and not letting them. Could be either. Or both.]

[There's a lot of bright glinting going on, though-- which can be attributed to the shimmery pink Murkrow next to Wren. She's a newer addition to the team, apparently.]

[And the inter-generational bird drama unfolding on the screen seems to be a backdrop to why Heater's really filming, given that her voice cuts in with a question entirely unrelated to what's going on.]

So hey guys, been awhile since I posted anything, n'I've been feeling kinda sappy and nostalgic and crap.

I know there aren't too many people around anymore who got here when I did, but pretty sure unless you got here last week, we've all had at least one person go poof on us.

So, uh, let's have this be a thing where you tell me something about someone you knew who isn't here anymore. Bonus points for funny. Or you could like... I dunno. Talk about a Pokemon they left you or something.

[The camera lingers briefly over the pink Murkrow, who is happily chattering away at the Noctowl, oblivious to the fact that she's being filmed. ... Maybe the request isn't so unrelated, after all.]
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Heather Mason
25 December 2013 @ 04:13 pm
[It's Christmas morning, either before or after the presumed present-opening-- late enough for the sun to be that warm yellow glow as it comes through the windows.]

[The video comes on as the 'Gear is set down on a shiny counter top, and then there's a clunk as a big tall glass of some Christmasy nutmeg-dusted drink is set down in front of it. It's followed by Heather.]

If anyone ever told me I'd be getting up early to train on Christmas morning, I'd be like pffffpchcpt.

... But damn if I don't feel pumped as hell.

[She scoots to the side a little bit and beckons to someone offscreen.]

Hey, c'mon, get in the shot! Don't be shy.

[After a little more coaxing, the one she's talking to scoots into view and shyly waves a big red punching glove. It's a Hitmonchan with mostly-shut, squinting eyes and a rather lumpy head.]

Junior here's been helping me out ever since he evolved. We're just grabbing something before we head back to the hotel.

... [She pauses and leans over to glance at a SECOND glass, which is sitting in front of the Pokemon.]

... I hope Pokemon can have this stuff without getting sick.

[Because she hadn't exactly asked before getting two. :I]

... Well, the Pokemon Center's right next door.

[She lifts the glass, and the Hitmonchan does the same.]


[It seems like a wrap, and she even reaches over to turn the 'Gear off... but then:]


[There are several screams and the tinkle of breaking glass as a flying Stantler comes smashing through the restaurant like a juggernaut]

.... Well that just happened.
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Heather Mason
28 August 2013 @ 10:29 pm
[There's been a lot of people leaving lately.]

[Which means a lot of Pokemon left behind.]

[Today's video is brief. Like maybe six seconds long, and it starts outside the PokeMart in Mahogany Town. You know, where delivery people sometimes show up with mail too big to be sent through the PC. Someone else is holding the camera-- possibly Henry.]

[There, sitting right down there in the dirt, is Heather.]

[Surrounded by approximately five million Mightyena.]

[... Okay, more like six.]


[End feed.]
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Heather Mason
[The feed, as per usual when it comes to Heather's Gym Battles, opens from a low vantage point. It's become somewhat tradition for Heather to hand the 'Gear off to one of her able-handed Pokemon so that they can film while she's engaged in the battle.]

[Alessa the Absol is in front, bristling in anticipation of the battle, and Heather, looking more polished than usual but still rougher around the edges than is probably considered appropriate for a big event like this, stands beside her.]

[Above, the golden glass windows mark the gym they're standing in as Saffron.]

[After the 'establishing shot' of Heather and Alessa, the camera jostles around instead to get a more complete view of the arena, with Sabrina now visible on the other end. She's apparently in the middle of giving her usual pre-battle spiel; the nobility of the Psychic type, a brief and succinct history of the Saffron Gym and how it knocked the Dojo next-door well off the playing field...]

[But she cuts herself off with a very knowing look mere seconds before Heather interrupts her with a flat:]

Yeah, yeah.

Let's just get this over with.

[Sabrina nods obligingly (though not without a patronizing 'I knew you were going to do that' smile-- and her Espeon moves into the center of the field along with Alessa.]

Trainers take your positions! )

[The battle's over. There's a smattering of applause and stuff, a loud mechanical voice coming from the general area of the scoreboard and announcing the battle's victor, the usual. Cujo, pleased as punch with himself, has galloped back over to Heather for praise and attention.]

[... But Heather's clapped a hand to her temple, briefly gritting her teeth and shaking her head like it's full of flies. Cujo stops in his tracks and tilts his head in confusion, but it only lasts a second before Heather, ignoring the greetings of those who came to watch her battle, whips around to face the distant Sabrina again.]

Oh, is THAT how this is gonna be?

Real mature.

You think you can scare me with that psychic shit?

[Sabrina, who was still looking somewhat smug despite her loss (apparently at whatever little mental 'parting gift' she'd just sent to Heather), lifts a brow. With a shake of the head, she calls out, calmly:]

You clearly came here with something to prove, Miss Mason.

[Lower jaw jutting out, Heather glares sourly at the Gym Leader.]

Yeah. And I proved it.

Let's go, Cooj.

[She's already started to turn away when Sabrina speaks again.]

I don't believe you have. And neither do you.

[... And then the camera jostles as the cameramon hastily switches it off, apparently anticipating something that may not go particularly well, since Heather has whirled around once more and is marching angrily across the arena towards Sabrina.]

[When the camera comes back on about ten minutes later, it's Heather's face. She still looks somewhat angry, but at least she's calm as she checks the footage.]

Man, screw that noise.

I got the badge, I'm outta here.

Sayonara, Saffron City.

[ooc: To those physically present in the Gym, Heather engaged in a rather heated conversation with Sabrina during the time that the 'Gear was off, but no punches were thrown or anything.]
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Heather Mason
[You know what?]

[Heather's not even sure why she TRIES anymore.]

[So done. So done.]

Here we go again.

... Yes, Cooj, I still love you.

Just not right now.
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Heather Mason
05 May 2013 @ 05:17 pm
[As is fairly regular with Heather, who never really plans AHEAD when she turns her feed on, the video opens with a brief glimpse at something entirely-unrelated!]

[Two large Houndooms, one bare-necked and the other wearing a large, studded leather collar-- are at play in a sunny patch of park. Or more accurately, the big collar-wearing one is TRYING to get the other to play, in a show of big-dog posturing, and the uncollared one is sort of just mild-manneredly humoring him.]

[Right before the camera shifts, though, a blur of blue and yellow barrels into the larger of the two hellhounds and the one-sided playtime promptly becomes an enthusiastic wrestling match between Tricia (the Manectric recently inherited from Cooper) and Huan (the Houndoom even more recently inherited from Otacon).]

[But then it's Heather's face dominating the screen, because she apparently has other things in mind than just showing the network a bunch of dogs running around the park.]



If there's anyone around who knows much about horses... riding horses, specifically...

I'm looking to learn. Any advice's appreciated. Thanks in advance.

[... Well that was unusually businesslike and to the point. ... For someone like Heather, anyway. There's not much humor in the usually-goofy girl's voice today.]

[Before she can flick the 'Gear off, there's a commotion offscreen and she looks off in the direction of the noise, clearly exasperated.]

... TCH, god dammit Cujo.

[The view shifts as she gets up and it becomes apparent that Cujo the Hulking Behemoth of a Growlithe (tm) had decided to join the fray and promptly plowed straight OVER at least two of the participants, who are now chasing after him in a big herd of barking chaos across the park. OH THOSE CRAZY DOGES.]

[End feed.]


HEY. How did you do that shit at the party?

[... well wtf is that supposed to mean, Heather. Clarification is apparently not going to be provided until she gets a reply.]
Yo, this is where I'm at: Saffron City
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Heather Mason

[There's a video in this post, but it's surprisingly short-- just a brief shot of what looks like a few big ol' coolers of beer and other various forms of alcohol. It's nothing too classy, but it's not junk either.]

[Wound over the top of the coolers is a long, slinky mass of cream and brown striped fur. A Furret with a scowl like a stormcloud is evidently guarding the stash against The Elite Four chaperones WHATEVER BAD THINGS MIGHT POTENTIALLY BEFALL A TREASURE TROVE OF LIQUOR.]

[Accompanying the video is a text!]


if there was an actual open bar at this place I wouldn't have to do this but naturally there's nothing stronger than punch because everything in this world is LAME
BUT WORRY NOT CITIZENS for I saved you the trouble of trying to brew moonshine in one of the bathtubs here or something idk what you desperate people are willing to do


come find me if you're interested. look for the Murkrow in the snazzy tux.

NOTE: not selling to kids. I'm not gonna be a square and get all up in your faces looking for ID or anything but seriously no little kids, if some twelve-year-old wants vodka they ain't gettin it from me
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Yo, this is where I'm at: Tohjo Falls Resort
Heather Mason
31 December 2012 @ 11:07 pm


[That Vulpix on the screen sure looks pissed.]

[The ironic presence of the happy leftover Christmas lights behind it doesn't help.]

[A heavy sigh sounds from off-camera.]


Leave it to her to get one last dig in just when I thought it was over.

[But Heather apparently isn't gonna elaborate on who 'her' is... though anyone who witnessed Heather's fiery freakout over the summer and knew what it was about might have a decent guess.]

[The camera just shifts as she gets up-- it lingers briefly on what looks like a box filled with crumpled wrapping paper-- in the middle of it sit two large eggs.]

Hopefully the other living presents we got this year'll be friendlier.

[She turns the camera around at last and sort of regards it for a moment, chewing absent-mindedly on her lip. She's got a big wooly winter hat on, so either she just got in or she's about to go out. Probably the latter.]

... Screw this year, man. Bring on the new one.


[ooc: ANYONE IN SAFFRON CITY IS FREE TO RUN INTO HEATHER, or assume she randomly stopped by wherever they are.]
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Heather Mason
23 May 2012 @ 12:58 pm
[Well, THAT had been fun.]

[After over a week, lots of bad weather, a few waterlogged hugs and a whole lot of flying, Heather's finally back on Cianwood, with a nurse, a mysterious young woman, a bird-obsessionist, and a magician-thief in tow.]

[She's exhausted and wants nothing more to just faceplant on the bed and let her father play host to the new additions to the 'family' (and the one returning member) for awhile... but as usual, something's come up.]

[The feed comes on from above-- she's flopped on her back on one of the hotel room's beds, hair still curly and wet from the shower she spent at least forty-five minutes in after arriving back on the island. She'd had to use an unoccupied hotel room (with Arty guarding the door to make sure no unsuspecting guest walked in on her) to do it on account of the fact that she'd been accompanied by four equally tired and dirty people who ALSO needed showers.]

[She picks tiredly at one eye, the camera wobbling above her on account of being held up with just one hand.]


Yeah, I uh... was totally planning on visiting some people on the way home, but... yeah.

All that weather sort of sucked all the sociability out of everybody. Sorry, Cliff. Wish I'd made it.

[YEAH, she's spoiling the surprise, but hey, she can always drop in on him and Ironhide later, assuming no giant storms pop right the fuck out of nowhere like last week. Ugh.]

But anyway, back safe and sound, nobody died, the world's still turning, chocolate and peanut butter are still an awesome combination, life goes on. Hope nobody got too battered during all that crazy apocalyptic weather.

[And around this point is where she'd usually turn the camera off (and maybe she intended to but is just so damn tired it slipped her mind) but the screen blurs as she rolls over, propping herself up on her elbows and resting the 'Gear against the bedspread next to her instead. Next to it are two things--]

[--a battered old medallion with red marks inscribed on it... and a piece of paper. The camera's gaze only lingers on it for a second or two, but quick readers might be able to make out the words Make her suffer written in loopy handwriting before the 'Gear moves again.]

[This time, it's aimed crookedly at the side of the bed, where the somber, doberman-like face of a Houndoom is watching the off-camera Heather in silence.]


Gonna have to come up with a different name for you.

[End feed.]


[Later that night:]

Hey, Coop.

You got a minute?
Yo, this is where I'm at: Cianwood City inn
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Heather Mason
06 May 2012 @ 03:39 am
[CLOUDS ABOVE. WATER BELOW. That's what Heather is seeing when she briefly flicks on the audio feed.]

[After spending a whole lot of time trying to ensure through various means that she wouldn't meet an uncertain death trying to fly, enough time had passed and Heather couldn't hold back that classic Mason mother-hen desire to have all the eggs in one place at the same time anymore.]

[In hindsight, though, informing the two she'd gotten on the bird to actually GO SEE that she'd left... AFTER she left, was a bit of a bad decision. Turns out the roaring wind is pretty damn loud when you're that high. She has to raise her voice to be heard.]

Angela. Lisa!

Sorry for the wait. M'finally on my way.

[A pause, punctuated by the whistling wind.]

... Aaaand it'd be good if you could both tell me where you are, too. Prooobably should've asked that before I left.

[But THAT ASIDE... the video feed flicks on then, showing off a vast expanse of blue water below and fluffy clouds above, with Sunny's downy ear-tufts fluttering down towards the bottom of the screen.]

I take back any misgivings I might've had about flying before.

This... is pretty awesome.
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Heather Mason
30 March 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Okay-- OKAY, OKAY, hang on, I got it!

All right, get back.

[The sound of big reptilian feet plodding backwards through wet sand can be heard as the camera shows a wobbly view of.... Sunny the Togekiss standing on an appropriately sunny Cianwood beach. The water's lapping at the shore, the sky is bright blue, it's totally beautiful.]

[A PERFECT day to test out the new, hard-earned skill gotten from beating Chuck in a furious fist-fight (and some obligatory after-battle arm-wrestling): Fly.]

[Perched precariously on the back of the big white marshmallow-bird is Heather, kneeling and holding onto the thick white plumage with both hands. She's got a determined expression.]

Okay. Let's give it a try. I-- no, Dad, it's gonna be FINE, that's why I'm practicing on the BEACH, remember? Sand is soft!


Ready, girl?

Let's-- oh shit aw HELL--

[With some gentle but powerful WHOMPS, the Togekiss had begun to serenely flap its pillowy wings and take off. ... Without Heather, because Heather has no idea how the hell to ride a flying thing and was promptly jostled off by the wing motion.]

[Touching down again, Sunny trills and lovingly sits upon the face-down Heather like any caring bird mother might with a stupid bird baby that crash-landed after trying to fly.]

... Okay.

This could take a little practice.

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Yo, this is where I'm at: Cianwood City
Heather Mason
[It's quiet.]

[In more ways than one.]

[Actually, 'quiet' is a pretty good word to describe everything over the past few days, from Heather's perspective.]

[She's been quiet. After making an angry spectacle of herself in front of everyone, she hadn't been in much of a talkative mood. The trip down Route 38 had been spent largely in solemn silence, even after Crow had joined them mid-journey-- something that practically didn't seem possible.]

[The network's been quiet. Relatively, anyway. So many previously-prolific voices had vanished. Those who were left had understandably been left to pick up the pieces of everything that had come undone and, well, it's hard to blame them for being quiet-- those ones who had lost people, anyway. God knows Heather couldn't muster the fire to keep getting angrier as word of new disappearances had continued to flow in. The moment when she had seriously considered destroying a harmless Pokemon egg and its contents had been the moment she'd burnt herself out.]

[And, perhaps the only one that's sort of comforting right now, the city is quiet. The hustle and bustle of summer is both long ago and far in the future and as such, Olivine City in February is a great deal calmer than it had been the last time Heather had been here. That's sort of good, really. They've all needed to do a lot of thinking lately.]

[It's morning-- hardly even dawn yet.]

[At first, the camera isn't even SHOWING Heather. More a very close view of the floor, and the railing at the top of the staircase leading up from the lobby of the Olivine Inn. The cameraman is probably a Pokemon, but who knows which one it is... Godzilla has long since retired from his 'Gear-stealing shenanigans and so has Butch, now that he can WOOOOOO and QUAAAAAAG at his beloved Flapper in person.]

[But whichever one it is, it carries the camera with an air of quiet determination, and once it situates itself within view of its trainer, who seems to be sitting silently by a window in the deserted lobby, it sits itself down with a rustle and zooms in.]

[Eyes shut, she almost looks asleep, except for the fact that she's absent-mindedly stroking something with one finger-- something bristly-looking and pale yellow that seems to be in the process of contentedly nuzzling its way under her chin. ... Something with four bright blue eyes not dissimilar to the odd markings on that little egg she had been threatening to crush last week.]

[The video doesn't last long. It lingers on Heather and the new Pokemon for fifteen or twenty seconds, and then shuts off. Whoever had been filming, it seemed, had no agenda outside of showing the network that, no, Heather had not gone through with her impulsive plan. Fortunately.]

[The whole time, Heather just carries on obliviously.]

[Remembering hurts... but there's nothing anybody can do to change that.]

[Half to herself and half to the creature, who doesn't seem to be aware of how close it had come to maybe NOT EVER GETTING TO HATCH, she mumbles after a few seconds.]

... Stage five. I think.

That's acceptance, right?
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Heather Mason
15 February 2012 @ 10:46 pm

[A short while after the singing wild Pokemon and egg presents had died down, a rather unfortunate discovery was made upon dialing a number she'd been meaning to dial ever since Claudia Wolf and Kaito Kuroba had disappeared from Johto.]

[Already on the road, the weather's mild enough (even with the wind picking up) that Heather decided that was pretty much a good time to pocket her Valentine's Day present and just head off for a walk. Because lord knows, she needs one.]

[It's not the first time Johto has given everyone the gift of a precious little egg, but it is the first time that Heather's found herself resenting it.]

[The video feed pops on, focused in on a tiny, pale yellow little egg hardly bigger than a chicken's, nestled in the palm of Heather's hand as dry grass goes past underfoot.]

It would be so easy to just... crush it.
Yo, this is where I'm at: Route 38
Heather Mason
04 February 2012 @ 04:23 am
[There was a bit of radio silence on Heather's part for awhile there... but here comes a video post! Because... yeah, uh. Probably a good idea to show everybody she's not DEAD.]

[The girl on the screen looks exhausted. The baggy shadows under her eyes never really seem to go away entirely, but they'd at least gone tame for awhile. Now they're back full force. It seems excessive, maybe, getting so broken-up for days over losing one person, even if that person was her best friend. ... But as she'd found out, he hadn't been the only one she'd lost that day. And she's not totally sure how she feels about it. ... About them both. Just that she's tired. BUT AT LEAST SHE'S NOT PUNCHING ANYTHING, RIGHT?]

[She seems to be leaning on (or... INTO. It's very... voluminous) a sort of... soft white MASS of some sort-- whose identity is revealed when a sharp hooked beak (that is... mostly obscured by fluffy white down) descends into the frame and starts to groom Heather's rat's-nest hair with a quiet twitter. Sunny makes the best pillow.]

[Heather doesn't waste any time before cutting right to the chase, speaking with a bored drawl (that's partially to justify how croaky her voice is-- SCREW EVERYTHING she's a bored teenager she doesn't need to sound nice!).]

Right, so.

Gonna beat Morty soon and then get outta this town. Nothin' left to do here, really.

So, uh.

We can either head over to Cianwood and see about getting Fly. ... Not that I have anything big enough to fly on, but. Y'know. For the heck of it.

OR we could head over to Mahogany. Which is... well, closer I guess.

So... I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?
Yo, this is where I'm at: Ecruteak City
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