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122. [Video/Action for Mahogany]

[There's a split second shot of a cup of coffee and some blurry cherry pie before the view jerks upwards to settle on the filmer's face.]


Let's talk Gym Leaders.

[Heather looks a little tired and haggard around the edges from her seat in an old-fashioned Mahogany diner booth, next to a Pikachu that's busily nibbling on a plate of shortbread biscuits, but not so much that it eats into her intensity on camera. THE TIME HAS COME TO SEEK WISDOM FROM THE MASSES.]

I'm gonna be taking Pryce on soon, so if anyone's fought him before or knows anything juicy about his strategies, gimme the scoop. I already know about the ice-covered floor, but he looks like a sneaky motherfucker.

Anyone know if that old geezer's got any other tricks up his sleeve?
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He's a clever bastard, alright. Don't go at him with only fire just because he obviously uses Ice-types. He'll level you with a bunch of water moves.

[Spoken with only the deepest admiration for being a sneaky little shit.]
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You'll probably be fine. I took my Hitmonchan and a pair of Fire-types. Punchin' got us a hell of a long way before the others had to step in.
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[Apparently, that was the cue for a boxing glove to shove Lancer's face halfway offscreen in favor of a curious punch machine. HELLO. HELLO I ALSO PUNCH THINGS.]

Wh--Ferdiad, what the hell, quit that!

[Cue incredibly mature shoving match between a grown-ass adult and his adorable sparring partner.]


Anyway. If yours's got somethin' like Thunder Punch, that'll definitely give you an edge over a couple of his Pokemon.


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You're in Mahogany? Me too! I was gonna go challenge Pryce once we've settled in a bit. I was just going to use my strongest Pokémon and overpower him. Should I wear winter wear when I go into the gym?
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How about we make it a celebration lunch after we both wipe the floor with this guy?

[Because then they can both pay and go all out!]

Hmm... I need to buy more warm clothes anyways, so I don't mind a little cold.
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Okay! I'll do the same~

I'm always looking for cute new clothes. Every city has such different fashion! It's like Japan!

[She nods and tilts her head.] You know, it might be a good idea to get more camping supplies. Do you have any recommendations for cold weather?


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My apologizes for responding to this since I don't have a strategy for being this "Pryce".

But ice covered floors? That doesn't sound safe.
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"Fun" is one way of putting it.

["Lawsuit City" is a better way in Perry's opinion, however.]

I haven't yet been to a gym yet however so I didn't know about this before.

Are the other gyms that... dangerous in their challenge?
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That's good at least.

Has anyone heard of someone getting injured at Pryce's gym, by the way?

[He may or may not be wondering if he should try to report this or not.]


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Two words: Icy Wind.

[He takes a few seconds to let that sink in, because he personally thinks it speaks volumes... but he's also kind of a battling nerd.]

He likes to slow your team down, basically. And don't be surprised if he whips out moves like Earthquake or sets up a hailstorm. I'd bring a jacket, just in case.
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video - AGH, I knew I forgot something

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Hmm... Got anything that levitates? Ghost types, Hydreigon... I'd suggest a flying type, but unless you've got something that's part fire, that might not be the best idea.

[Type matchups are tricky, and without knowing Heather's full team, it's tough to make suggestions.]
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...Oh brother.

[That would be Riku's hand slowly sliding down his face as he exhales a sigh.]

How bad are we talking? Pranks? Loud noise? Vandalism?

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[personal profile] exeggutorhead 2015-09-29 02:15 am (UTC)(link) out for hail. If he gets that going, don't waste a lot of time messing around. It can turn into more of a problem than you'd think.

[It had sure turned into a problem for him.]

How many badges do you have after him, again? Just Clair, right?
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[Envy does a very good job of not looking kind of alarmed when she starts talking about going through the Kanto leaders, and covers up his relief with a laugh when she finishes the sentence.]

[Even if she can't come back yet, not with Wrath still in the basement...he doesn't want her to be away THAT long.]

Yeah, you'd be freezing your ass off on the road all winter if you tried that.
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[He snorts.]

Yeah, of course not. We'd fly out and drag you back even if you tried.


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